Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Two Farms One Has Dissolved!

Two Farms One, as you have come to know it, has dissolved. I will update just as soon as I can. I, Anna M. Watts aka Granny Annie, still hold the copyright and the trademark to the name Two Farms One and TwoFarmsOne.

I am starting life all over as a 55 year old Granny with lots of arthritis and owies I will continue many of my series from this blog, over at  I have 2 weeks to move all those mountains of things (no help so far) that it took over 2 years for "him" to move to his place, then say, "It's all mine, now. You don't own any of it any more. It is on my property."

I will check back when I can. I don't have Internet at the moment. I desperately need prayers and help of some kind. So many animals and so much stuff to figure out how to move before I lose it all to a monster.

Thank you all for following this blog all these years. I am sorry it didn't end well. But then, it ain't over, yet. :)

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