Thursday, September 1, 2016

Our Adorable "little" Pullet!

Hello, all!
We certainly hope life is treating all of you well.

I just had to stop a moment and share with you about one of the new little pullets we got this spring. She is so amazing already and we just absolutely adore her!  We had been looking for some Welsummer chickens to add to our flock. We only wanted a few so we were hoping to find them locally and not have to order them. We kept close watch on the local farm stores, just missed them a time or two (sold out just before we got there), then one day Dave finally walked into the farm store at just the right moment and got us a few!

The catch was, though, that that store will only sell you a minimum of 6 chicks. You can't purchase just 2 or 3. . . . you have to buy at least 6 or more. You also can't look them over to try and "sex" them yourself or look them over up close for the best quality chicks, it is just luck of the draw (more on my opinions of that in a future post). The biggest problem with all of this that day was that they only had 5 Welsummer chicks! In order to get those 5 Welsummer chicks, Dave had to add in one more chick of some kind because the minimum purchase was 6 chicks. David told them to toss in one of the white ones and back home he came with the little box of cheepers.

Now, here we are about 4 months later, and that little white chick that we had to get so that we could get the ones that we actually wanted, has turned out to be a MONSTER pullet! She is now bigger than our 1-year old Black Jersey Giant rooster! Even better . . . . she is already LAYING EGGS! ! ! ! Her eggs are still pretty small, but they are quickly increasing in size and she is already laying EVERY day! Several times she has even laid two eggs in a day.  Just amazing! She is just a bit ornery, follows Dave around like a little puppy dog, but is just as gentle and sweet as she can be.

She and that Black Jersey Giant are totally in love and already breeding. We can hardly wait to incubate some of the eggs when they get a bit bigger and see what the chicks turn out to be like. This could get very interesting.

Well, I just wanted to share this with you. She is still growing so stay tuned for future updates and pictures. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic and safe weekend!

(Anna posting)


  1. We have the same dumb law here too - buy 6 and no less. I have more layers than I want, but the eggs are nice and my barred rocks are getting older (laying less).

    1. It's a bad law. They told us that it was to ensure that they chicks were going to farms and not for backyard pets. First, I know some backyard pet chickens that are the most pampered, well taken care of chickens anyone could imagine. Then there are us on the farms that would occasionally like to add just 2 or 3 new ones to our flock. I don't believe them with their reasoning. I still say that it is simply to increase sales.
      Thanks for stopping in, reading and commenting, Kristina!

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