Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Finding Balance

 Finding Balance . . . . . this is something David and I are having great difficulty with right now. I finally moved to David's property . . . . there are still some loose ends to tie up over at my old place (some of those ends are kind of big and really frayed, too) . . . . . we are starting from scratch to build up our home together (At the moment, we are still in the tent. It is pretty nice, but does come with its challenges). . . . . .  we are trying to get all of the animals smoothly incorporated together and all new pens, housing, etc built, plus bigger ones for the ones that we combined. . . . . . . setting things up to live with absolutely no electricity (it is a bit harder and more time consuming than you would think, but very doable) . . . . . . getting garden planted . . . . . fruit trees/bushes planted . . . . . trying to earn a self-employed income and build up our business (long way to go, there) while fighting against all of those trying to stop us from having our own business, getting the daily chores done (in an off grid way) . . . . . blogging . . . . . facebooking .. . . youtubing . . . . . and the list goes on and on and on. Whew! It's exhausting! ! ! !

We want (and plan to) be on here each and every day blogging away. Right now is when we actually have more than we have ever had to write about.... we could easily, each, be making 3 interesting posts a day and still not cover it all, but finding balance and getting the time to get it all done in a day is the issue at hand. I don't see how some people do it. Oh, yes, and of course we are doing all of this through the pain (sometimes extreme pain) of arthritis and a couple of other pained issues, and I am battling increased COPD and mold poisoning.

No, I am not complaining. I am just trying to do an update post and show a clear picture of what it is like right now at Two Farms One . . . . . why we are not so active on here right now, but truly want to be. We sure are missing having the time to interact with all of you fellow bloggers and followers on here! We often wonder how some of you are doing.

We will get there, though. We have many days where we get so frustrated and feel like we are not only getting no where, but going backwards. Then we get so tired we just can't go any more and have to take a good, long sit down break . . . . look all around us and are amazed at some progress we actually have made!

One HUGE battle right now is the Johnson grass in the garden. That stuff is horrible! I grew up battling it in the garden, but was blessed not to have it where I lived the last nearly 20 years. Now I am residing with the stuff once again. You pull one sprig out and 3 more grow up in its place! You spend a day fighting it, desperate to try and save your crop, then you look around and other things around the farm got behind while you were fighting the blasted grass! Even gardening brings on the question of where to find the balance with the rest of the farm. But somehow, we will get there.

Thank you so much for listening (reading) my little vent and update. We hope all is going well with all of you, and would love to hear from you and what you are doing these days... good or bad. Just remember, even when we aren't on here for long stretches, you all are still in our good thoughts. Have a fantastic day! ! ! !