Friday, April 15, 2016

Farm-acy Friday ~ Composting Toilets and Your Diet - part 1

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So many people are turning to composting toilets these days, us included. It's all part of that getting back closer to Nature living and reducing our footprint on the Earth, movement. You took it out of Nature, used it/consumed it, then put it back into Nature for that natural cycle of life style of living.

For those of us that are composters, be it just an average compost pile for our garden, or to also include the composting toilet, we are very careful as to what goes into our compost pile. We would never purposely pour a bottle of chemicals into the compost, nor dump in a bottle of pills, insecticides, hormones, or any other hazardous material. How horrifying! We don't want that stuff in our soil. It would leach out into our garden veggies, into the ground and into the ground water, etc. So why eat foods with all that stuff in it?

Think about it, you just got up and took some pills this morning, you use the composting toilet all through the day, then dump the 'compost' into your compost facility. All that medication passes right through you and into the composting toilet! Well, maybe not all of it, but quite a bit of it, and some medications and vitamins have been proven to pass all the way on through without ever dissolving. Just ask someone that cleans out those port-a-potties for a living. NO, I am NOT suggesting that you stop taking your medications if you are using a composting toilet, but I am asking you to give some thought to what you are doing and possibly look into seeing if there is a natural alternative to what you are taking if you are going to compost your waste.

Then there are the foods you eat. Are you dining out at all? Are you eating pre-packaged foods? What is in that stuff?! Do you read the labels before you eat it? Are their hidden pesticides on those fruits and veggies you are eating? Would you pour pesticides into your compost pile? Then why are you eating all that stuff that has been sprayed with them? It's going to go into your composting toilet and then on into your compost pile. What is all that stuff on that label that you can't pronounce? If it goes into your body, it is then going to go into your composting toilet and then on into your compost pile. Think about it . . . . really think about it.

Changing over to a composting toilet system has truly made us look much more closely at what we eat and put into our bodies. Even though we thought we were eating a lot more healthy (and we are) when we look at our diets more closely in relation to the fact that it might be going into our compost, we realize we still have a long way to go in making our diet more healthy. We want to eat as healthy as possible, and we are striving every day to eat a much more healthy diet, but this thought has made us realize that we just aren't there yet and need to continue to make healthier choices at the store, and further reduce what we are purchasing at the store while we increase what we grow on our own to eat.

Just thought I would give you something to ponder this week. It does give you food for thought, literally. Thanks for reading my post and have a fantastic day!

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  1. scary yet an innovative thought which leads us to vary the way we utilize our food and resources and also how we are continuously changing our environment.


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