Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Once Upon a Time, people called them Handkerchiefs. Now people call them the Un-tissue, or the Reusable tissue, or the Washable tissue...... you get the idea.  However you want to look at it, or whatever you want to call it, it is a tissue that will save you money, not to mention it probably contains much less chemicals than the paper type, which is much more gentle on our skin.

I found an old, white sheet at the flea market. It had some wear and a small hole on one end so it was only 50 cents! It was soft and perfect for making the homemade tissues I had been wanting to make.

I laid a purchased, paper tissue down on a large piece of paper and traced it off, adding about a half inch seam allowance on each side (all four sides - how much you add depends on how large or small you like to make your rolled hems). I then used this pattern to cut out many tissues from the old white flannel sheet. I can't remember how many I got from this one little sheet, but it was at least a couple of dozen!

With needle and thread in hand and a good crime show episode pulled up on my computer, I sat and hand stitched a rolled hem on all four sides of each tissue. (I packed my electric sewing machine away when I moved and I am going to try just hand sewing for a year).  The one on the left is the paper tissue.... the one on the right is the cloth tissue.

That's it! It is finished and ready for a good, old-fashioned tear jerker movie.  And oh, so soft! These cloth tissues (especially from old, softly worn sheets) don't make my nose nearly so sore as the paper ones do, like when you have a cold and are constantly wiping and blowing your nose. They also don't contain the irritating chemicals and perfumes that the paper ones do.

What about washing them?  The flannel seems to wash very well. I have never had a problem with them coming clean, but I have had a little problem, now and then, with getting other types of cotton fabric completely clean, but very rarely and if you stick to light fabrics, they bleach out nicely.

These handmade, reusable tissues also fold nicely and can be put into the same dispensers as their paper look-alikes. They even fit into the travel packs just like the paper travel ones do. It is simply all in how you fold them.

   May your tissues turn out beautifully, but may you also seldom need them. Happy sewing and thanks for reading this post!

Aaaaannnnddd We are BACK! ! ! ! ! . . . . again.

Howdy, everybody! ! ! ! It has been a very long time since we have been able to make posts on this blog and interact with everyone here in Blogger land. We have missed you all soooooo much!

For a long time my computers were down..... and/or I was packing, moving ... or just in a deep depression because I was illegally losing my house and property and everyone involved were total, hateful, spiteful idiots. I also had some long periods of sick spells and exhaustion.

Dave, too, had some seriously long sick spells, has been exhausted from trying to keep up with work, his farm, moving my farm, and helping me fight all the stupid battles that came with it. Then along the way, part of his computer died, also, which made being on here more than a few minutes pretty much impossible.

We finally have one good running computer, now ... AND .... I am finally HERE! I am FINALLY, permanently, here at Dave's Farm, with most of my farm (Granny Annie's Farm) so we are finally, FINALLY, officially ... Two Farms One!

Things are pretty crazy here as we begin to sort through everything that was moved in such a hurry and build new housing/pens for any animals that may still be in temporary pens and/or have outgrown theirs, along with planting the garden, planting fruit trees and bushes, adding new varieties of livestock, and trying to get to building our little house (we are in a tent until then but it hasn't been bad at all) but we have so many things we want to share with you .... SO MANY blog posts dancing around in our heads .... that we will absolutely have to make some time to get back to posting on this blog and catching up on many of yours, now that this computer and Internet are finally working.

Again .... we are sooooo glad and excited to be back! And we truly look forward to catching up with everyone!
Have a FANTASTIC DAY! ! ! ! ! !