Saturday, January 2, 2016

(AF) What will happen to my belongings?

Oh, my, we have really gotten slack on our blog writing! As many of you know, we have been trying to work through all the hurdles to get my farm (Anna's) moved. We are in our last 3 days of moving and after we get settled in a bit, we hope to get back to keeping up with this blog on a much more regular basis. It will be much easier when we are finally on the same property.

For anyone that wants to catch up a little bit with what we have been up to with the moving, you can visit my Facebook page, here.
Over there, someone asked, "What will happen to your belongings that you can't get moved out before the deadline?" That is a good question!

I was told by several different entities involved that I could work something out with the realtor so that I could come back in (by appointment) to come get the rest of my belongings. I told them that nothing would be left, that the moment I pull out of here, the neighbors will break in and steal everything of value. I got anywhere from, "No they won't because we will lock it up tight." to "Oh, well." I don't believe any of it because I have already caught them in lies on the topic, and someone tried to break into my house a few days ago. What usually happens is it is all either trashed and/or auctioned off. No, not legal, but they do it and you are screwed.  But the following is what I expect will happen. Please be patient a moment while I give you a bit of background.

When I first moved to this property, I thought it was odd that one neighbor was constantly coming home with trailer loads filled with what looked like someone moving in . . . entire house contents. Everyone in the area constantly commented on how many people he was moving onto his property.  We never saw anyone move out. All we ever saw leave was trailer loads of scrap metal. Even more oddly, it was almost always in the middle of the night that the household content loads came in!

One day I also saw a Sheriff's car pull up to his house... not just a regular deputy, but a more official one. Then I got to noticing that this official came to the neighbor's house often in the mornings. Turns out, they are good friends and that sheriff department official was just taking his coffee breaks at the guy's house.

I also got to noticing strange smelling fires often came from that house, often after dark (burning is not allowed here after dark). I and the critters often got sick from being downwind of the fumes, especially the ones that smelled like paint or burning tires. Eventually, I finally put things together and figured out that the guy wasn't moving people in (as I was told), but bringing in entire household contents to burn off so he could sell the metal out of it. I also often wondered how he came home with so many entire house contents, sometimes several a week!

Time went on, this nasty routine continued, and I spent a lot of money on meds and a lot of sick days.  But one night, really late at night, his fire got way too out of hand, started burning over into my yard and I called the fire department. Funny thing . . . two of my friends at the time, drove one of the fire trucks and they were told to stay down at the road (these people have a very long driveway) and they would call them to come up if they were needed. My friends thought that was very odd because that hadn't happened before.

The fires temporarily stopped but eventually, they started back up, stinkier than ever! I called over and told them that if they didn't put the fire out, I would call the fire department again, along with the sheriff, because what they were doing was illegal and I was tired of getting sick. We went a few rounds of this and I finally told them that the next time I was calling the EPA instead. The fires stopped, for the most part, but the neighbor, needless to say, was furious with me! And THAT, is a small part of my being constantly harassed by that neighbor.  He wants me out of here so he can go back to his illegal burning and scrapping.

As I said, I often wondered how the guy got ahold of so many entire household contents. I think I finally have this figured out. Make note, this is just my thoughts and opinions from putting all the pieces together. This is not an accusation, but what I think is going on. I think that the neighbor - friends with someone high up in the Muskogee County Sheriff's department - is getting a tip every time a lockout is served on a foreclosure, a tip from someone in the Muskogee Sheriff Department. I think that as soon as that final lock out date arrives, this guy swoops in, loads it all up, unloads it in the secret dump yard behind his home, then burns it off to sell the scrap metal. I think an investigation needs to be opened up on this. Here is a brief video clip of the hidden junk yard, hidden deep in the woods.  (sorry, I can't get the video dragged down to this spot, for some reason)

So, to answer the question, I think that this secret junk yard is where the plan is for my belongings to end up. I also think that this is why 2 weeks of my moving time were robbed from me, the less time I have to move, the more of my belongings will be left behind. (The court records show that the order for the lockout was granted and sent over to the Sheriff's department on November 25th, yet it was held onto and not served me until December 10th). I will be watching to see if my belongings end up here. If so, I will jump on opening up an investigation.


  1. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Here I thought I was the only one with nasty neighbors. I pray you are able to get everything out and that the realty company can lock it up tight.

    1. Thank you so much, Kristina! I am hoping so, too.
      So sorry you have bad neighbors, too. What is becoming of this world when your neighbors seem to all be against you rather than the first to jump to help you like they once did? So sad.


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