Thursday, November 12, 2015

(D♥A) Dave is in the Hospital!

But he is FINALLY on his way home!

Dave's ankle has been severely hurting him for some time, now (an old injury healed up wrong). But that Midnight Stroll really did it in. The pain finally grew so intense that he could no longer walk and ended up in the local ER several days ago. There, they ran tests, diagnosed him with a drug resistant staph infection, started him on strong antibiotics, said he would need surgery, then sent him on to the orthopedic ward of a much bigger hospital further away.

The current hospital wasn't so sure that the diagnosis was correct and also ran tests, but they had problems getting any accurate readings because the first hospital had already started the strong antibiotics (via IV) and it was interfering with the test results.

So, after days and days of poking, prodding, and trying to figure it out, they have decided that it is an extremely severe case of gout with some infection mixed in. The IV antibiotics have helped considerably. Swelling isn't gone, but is greatly reduced. Pain isn't gone, but is greatly reduced. (I don't think either one of us could tell you when our last pain free day was, going back decades, but reduced pain is great!).

It has been so hard for him to just lay there in that hospital bed, medications dripping in, while it has been so beautiful outdoors. But for me, it is great to hear some strength back in his voice again! He hasn't felt good for quite awhile, and we had been suspecting that he also had pneumonia and/or bronchitis, (remains of these flu bugs and viruses we have had lately) but it looks like all of these high powered antibiotics has remedied all of that, too.

We would love it if you, our wonderful readers, could keep him in your prayers and positive healing thoughts for his continued healing with no set backs.

Thank you so much for your support and have a very blessed day!


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