Tuesday, October 20, 2015


 Hello, Everyone!

This post is two fold... we need a bit of your help, and we want to also make you aware of a probable type of new scam.

We have been noticing an ad in the top left of our blog lately. From our end, it is a Reasor's ad (local grocery store). WE DID NOT PUT THAT AD THERE!!!! We do not have any ads in that position. In fact, although we have been looking for the right ones to place on our blog, we currently do not have any ads of any kind on this blog.

If any of you see an ad in that position on our blog (top left, under the g+ button), or any place on our blog right now, PLEASE let us know. We do not appreciate someone else profiting off of our work!  We are trying to track down where this is coming from. So far, it has been traced down to a website at  openapmedia.com, but when I go to it, nothing comes up on my end. I am hoping that means that they have been caught and taken down!

Oh, yes, underneath the ad, it also says, "Crime Watch Ad". Again, if you see any of these ads on our blog, please let us know! We also suggest that you, our fellow bloggers and website owners keep an eye on your ads to see if you are also being targeted.

We consider this a theft, stealing. . . . .  making a profit off of someone else's work. It should hold jail time just like any other theft. Some days, I wish I could push a magic little button that would remove me from everything electronic in my life! Biggest problem with that is, that is where most of the business has gone to, now.  Electronics were supposed to make life easier, but in my opinion, they have just created far more stress, problems, and work.  All the more reason we are working hard towards living more simply and more off grid.

Okay, back to my packing and stuff. Today, I am heading outside in the beautiful, sunny, breezy, and just right temps, to build another big cage to move some more chickens in. We had quarantined our Fall order of chicks at Anna's Farm and they are almost ready to be moved on over to Dave's Farm with the rest of the chickens. Have a FANTASTIC DAY, Everyone! ! !  And thank you for reading our blog!

UPDATE: I found what it is. This stinks!  Crime Watch Ads It is a virus in your browser.

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