Monday, October 26, 2015

(DF) MIDNIGHT STROLL? Well, sort of (part 1)

As most of you know, Anna and I have been working frantically to get her moved and combine our farms.  Though it seems that everything is trying to prevent that move, we keep pushing on, day after day, and are making some progress.   This past Sunday (18 Oct), we decided that a little time away from the move was well overdue. We spent the evening relaxing a bit and enjoying time together.  Before leaving, I mentioned how nice it would be to have a nice midnight stroll and look at the stars.  Of course, we couldn't, because we both had animals to care for at our respective farms.

I began the 40 mile drive before midnight, already tired from not sleeping much the past couple of  nights.  Staying awake was not much of a concern with the windows down and the radio playing.  The Jeep was running beautifully and I would be home in less than an hour.  I did not, and I repeat DID NOT get home in under an hour.

About ten miles into the drive, the Jeep engine started pulling down then died.  I was thinking probably nothing serious (it had been a wonderful night to that point).  A quick look under the hood revealed a badly blown head gasket, and I mean BADLY blown.

My first thought was to pick up the cell and call for help.  There were several people who would gladly come pick me up.  NOT SO FAST!!!  My cell phone had fried a couple of days before and wasn't replaced yet.  Since calling for help was out of the question, I waited for a little while with the Jeep, flashers flashing, in hopes that someone would stop.   No such luck!

By this point, it was just a bit after midnight, and I didn't want to stay there all night.  About a mile down the road from where I was stranded, is a little town with a convenience store beside the highway.  I have never seen that store closed, day or night, though I have passed it many times.  I knew they would not have a pay phone (the semi official word being that there are no more payphones in this state), but maybe they would let me use the store phone to call.  So my beautiful star filled midnight stroll began.

With the sky so filled with stars, and a warm gentle breeze, the mile passed quickly.  The only thing unpleasant about the stroll was the passing cars which would obviously accelerate as soon as I came into the driver's view.  STRANGE!!!!!  Now, imagine my disappointment when I found the convenience store closed.  This left me with choices.  I could walk back to the Jeep and wait, walk back to Anna's place, or start walking toward my place (about 30 miles away).  The first two options include the word "back", and I have never been good at going backward.

Knowing that I was about 30 miles from home, and that I have not walked that far in quite a few years, I started walking.  Yes, I started the 30 mile walk.

While there is much more to the story, I don't want this post is getting too long.  Please stay tuned for part 2 which will be posted in the next couple of days.  Thank You for reading.

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