Thursday, October 1, 2015

(AF) Moving Update - Are You Still Moving?!?!

You're still moving?!?
People keep asking, "Are you STILL moving?" and the answer to that question is
YES! We are still diligently working on moving me to Dave's!

Moving an entire farm we knew would be difficult, but it is taking far longer than even we anticipated, we have both been sick several times and had to take some healing time out (although we didn't take as much as we should have), and our arthritic bodies are REALLY wearing out and loudly protesting all the extra stress, strain and lifting. Sometimes we have to just stop for a few days and let our bodies catch back up. But we are getting there, little by little, and beginning to make some great progress.

We have been EXTREMELY blessed with several extensions of moving time! ! ! I can't even begin to express how grateful we have been for this! These time extensions have saved us many, MANY years of work to replace what we already have that could be moved. We will just keep on plugging along, pushing our bodies to and beyond their limits to get it all moved, then we can let them rest and heal over the Winter.

We have no idea, now how much more time we have to move. It could be tomorrow, or it could be a month or two from now. We just don't know and have not been able to find out this time. When we try to find out, we just keep getting referred from one person to the next, and back again. My last time extension request was for until the end of October. I am still not sure we are going to make it by then, but on our end, we have to! We desperately need to have everything, me and the critters all over at Dave's Farm by the end of October so that we can have some time to really get the critters settled in properly before it gets too cold. That has been too hard to do with him there, me here, and running back and forth packing, loading and hauling loads, building new pens, etc.

Little by little, Anna's Farm is making its way over to Dave's Farm and before we know it, we will finally, officially be Two Farms One!  We just need for our bodies and finances to hold up long enough. Somehow, we need a mega burst of energy and finances. I had a couple of extra, unexpected sales a month or so ago, along with an unexpected, one day, high pay job that came with the most perfect timing. God is good, takes care of our needs, and it will be there, pleasantly surprising us again, when we are most desperate.

And to all of those that have donated gas funds, WE THANK YOU! ! ! ! You have overwhelmed our hearts with your kindness and may many blessings come your way!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned. Coming up, a post about an unexpected afternoon with no power at all. Have a fantastic day!


  1. So glad you are getting extensions to move. It sounds like you are getting things done, and in a positive way.

    1. Thank you! We are getting there little by little. Two of our 3 vehicles are now broken down, but on the positive side, one is still running. We look so forward to putting all of our farming plans into action together!


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