Tuesday, September 15, 2015

(AF) My Poor Old Computer Fried

This week's mushroom find. (Oysters)
  My poor old laptop finally bit the dust. Oh, how I miss her! Her motherboard fried and they don't make them for that computer any more, so I was told.

I am FINALLY back online and hoping to figure this Windows 10 thing out soon (I was on Windows XP) and get some update posts up soon. Me and this current computer are NOT getting along!

Yes, we are STILL moving.  Updates on all of that shortly.

Have a FANTASTIC and BLESSED day! ! !


  1. Thanks, Kristina! Most of them went into the dehydrator. I fried a few of them in a blend of peanut oil with a dab of butter tossed in, until they were golden and crispy. They tasted just like farm cured bacon! No we can't wait for some more to make "mock" bacon bits with!


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