Wednesday, July 22, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - Treasured Keepsakes ~ I

Yes, we are still at it, frantically trying to get all of my things moved before time runs out. Time is quickly ticking and there is still LOTS left to move, but we are beginning to see some progress.

As I said, I have lived here for 18 years, it is a large house, with several filled storage buildings. Some things I have not seen in a very long time! During that time there has been a destructive divorce and quite a bit of Nature's destructions, so every time I find a precious keepsake, I get very, VERY excited! It is mind boggling and amazing what manages to survive over the years. Here are some things I came across that I wanted to share with you .  . .

Okay, so why would I have saved baby powder jars? The one on the right is the one that came home in the hospital bag when my mom had me (her first baby). And yes, it still has the original powder in it!
The one on the left is the one that came home in the hospital bag when I had my first baby! It still has a little of the original powder in it. What a difference 19 years made in jar designs! The one on the left is now over 30 years old. I am going to have to see what the new ones look like.

This is the vase my mom received flowers in when she was in the hospital having me. The hands are long gone, and it has a couple of hairline cracks inside, but it is still completely intact and for being over 53 years old, and having been used a LOT for a variety of things over the years, I think it is still in pretty good shape! I used to get into trouble when I was little for playing with it every time I could get ahold of it, because I loved it so much. When I was grown and moved out on my own, my mom finally just gave it to me. Oh, yes, and the baby blanket that the above two items are setting on was also mine, given to me/my mom as a gift when I was born.

Awww.... my Tomahawk! When I opened up an old tub that had been stored for a long time, to see what was in it, this was the first thing that caught my eyes and the memories and tears flowed until I thought I was going to flood the yard again. Oh, how I loved looking for great rocks when I was little! (And still do!) This was a flint rock I found one day when I was out walking the shore at the lake with my dad. We thought it looked like a Tomahawk head, so he said he would make me one out of it, and he did! I wish I could remember what kind of wood the stick was, but it sure has held up!  I am sure I was totally annoying, but I hung over and watched his every move as he made my new "toy."  He worked the handle over with such love and care, then split the end. I was very little, yet I still remember my scared shock as he split that end, thinking he had just ruined that perfect handle! He calmly told me to just watch and wait. He expertly continued on has he inserted the head (rock) and wrapped it up tightly with waxed string. I thought it was finished and ready to play with but he still wouldn't let me have it, yet. I had already thought it was funny that he had put wax on that string, but he said he had to put some more and it had to dry good. He said it would hold it together much better and make it last much longer. It may have been just a "toy" but he wanted it made right and to last a long time for lots of good play. Too bad that kind of care doesn't go into today's toy making!
When it was finally finished, he handed it to me and gave me my "rules of play" (all those do's and don't's). I wasn't about to break any of those rules and get my precious new toy that my dad had worked so hard to make for me, taken away!
Oh the fun I had with that Tomahawk! I can still visualize myself as such a small child, running around in my little leather fringed moccasins swinging around my "real" tomahawk! It must have been a pretty funny sight for all those that saw me, ha, ha, ha. This is one treasure that NO price could be put on and it is MOVED!

Thank you for reading my post, stay tuned, and have a HEAVENLY day!


  1. What a nice post. All those treasures too. So glad that moving is coming along for you too.


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