Thursday, July 2, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - - Still Loads and Loads to Move!

 I am really trying not to let myself get down and instead, keep focused on moving at as fast and steady of a pace as we can, but it is getting really, REALLY hard to do that. We have about one more small load to take out of the steel storage building that we hope will eventually be our Tiny House. There is still no one to move our building, and at this late date, there wouldn't be time to get the needed permits, so we WILL be attempting to dismantle and move it in sections. The decision to do that, though, will come at a price. We are now having to make decisions as to what may be the most important things for life to keep/move. To take the time to dismantle and move that building, may mean two days worth of packed and moved belongings/business supplies that have to stay behind.

My heart is absolutely breaking that we can't get things packed/moved fast enough and the possibility of losing most of what I own is taking me down to a level I can't even begin to describe. I am also filled with so much anger and disappointment for so many of my friends and family members that I know could help, yet, not only are they not giving us a hand, they seem to have totally disappeared into the wood work. Even people I converse with on a regular basis on Facebook and on the phone, have grown silent. This has been an enormous wake up call as to who my true friends are and to whom I can truly count on when needed. About 3 people that can't physically help, donated a little gas money, which helped far more than they can imagine! That generous gesture enabled us to move a couple of loads, loads of belongings that we are certain not to lose, which is a HUGE relief! Bless you two!

One person has brought us lots of sandwiches and munchies. That is a HUGE help! I am hypoglycemic and with all the extra stress and extra exertion, I have had some super bad days with  my sugar levels dropping too low. A couple of days it was so bad that I just couldn't function for half or more of the day, which represents lots of left behind belongings. Keeping us in ready-to-eat, protein containing foods, keeps me going without so many sugar drops, and actually ads a good 2 to 4 hours a day to the time I am able to pack and haul stuff. Without having to take time to build a fire to cook, or going too long without eating proper food and having blood sugar drops, we are able to work much more efficiently. What a blessing! And so are those cold drinks!

We still have left to move . . . . the almost empty steel building, two full small portable buildings to empty and move (Rubbermaid buildings), part of the contents of my little red barn, most of the outside stuff, which includes a 200 gallon propane tank, 5 concrete benches, a large kennel (will have to be disassembled), and countless other outdoor items, heavy, large, bulky and small, plants, too. PLUS we are just now about ready to START inside the house! The stuff inside includes a couple of wood stoves, my upright piano, a buffet, and a few other large, very heavy things, plus all the household items (for several family members, 3 of which can't legitimatley be here) and business items, that flooding didn't damage, which still leaves a LOT. 2600 sq feet of packed full house. And we only have about 6 1/2 days left to move it all in! So, I am getting off of here and getting back to my packing. I have someone coming in a little while to help me move a load. She pulls up to my gate, I load it, head to David's place, he and I unload it, then start all over. People don't seem to realize that, you don't have to do anything but drive to help us get some loads moved. While David is working on building pens at his place (oh, yes, we still have quite a few pens to get built to move the rest of the animals), people with limited physical abilities that do want to help could help us by simply pulling up to my gate, letting me load their vehicle up, drive to David's, then he can unload it on that end.... driving would be the only physical exertion you had to do. But only one person so far as been willing to do even that much and for that person, we are TRULY GRATEFUL! ! !

Okay, back to my packing. Please, at least keep the supportive prayers and uplifting positive thoughts coming! Thank you for reading my post and have a blessed day!


  1. So sorry you are not getting the support and help you need. Praying for you, the move, and for more help to arrive. That was so wonderful that someone brought you food.

  2. Thank you so, so much, Kristina! Your prayers are a huge help!


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