Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - - Rain Barrels and Tadpoles

 Please don't laugh too hard. One of the things on our list of outdoor items to move is my rain barrels. I collect and save some rain water to use to water plants, and, when it is fresh, to water my chickens with. They love it!

The problem right now, is .. all of my rain barrels are full of . . . TADPOLES! Normally this isn't a problem. Normally, it is a GOOD thing because the tadpoles gobble up any mosquito larvae that find their way into the rain barrels and really keeps the number of mosquitoes around here down to a minimum. But in order to move the rain barrels, I need to dump them, and I just can't kill all of those beautiful, graceful little tadpoles!

So what is a person to do, other than to relocate them? Some have been moved to Dave's rain barrels, but they are now full, and oh, so many tadpoles still left! We are now turning to Dave's pond. His pond used to be a nice, thriving pond, then a couple of years ago in the high heat, all the water drained out and it has never held water since. But this summer, during what is usually one of our driest months of the year, we have had well over 20 inches of rain! He checked his pond the other day and not only is it filled up with water, but the creek is still flowing into it . . yea! SOOOO.... I am spending a little time each day, dipping and catching the little darlins' so that we can relocate them to Dave's pond. The first bucket that went in acted overjoyed! Oh, how they loved that big, fresh, clear body of water!

Fishing out all of those little tadpoles is a chore, to say the least, but I just can't kill them without a purpose. If they ended up as bird food, snake food (we have watched this happen!) or some other natural food, it wouldn't bother me so much, but I just can't send them to their death for the sole purpose of moving my rain barrels. It just doesn't seem right. I have learned that shining a flashlight on them at night to capture them makes the odd chore much, much easier and faster. If I just leave the rain barrels, no doubt, the new owners would immediately just dump them out thinking they were eliminating a mosquito trap or getting the old barrels out of they way, (or the neighbors so they can walk off with the barrels) so the little tadpoles would still end up meeting their demise.  Relocating them it is!

Maybe they will hang around and gobble up all of Dave's mosquitoes!
Thank you for reading our post. Stay tuned and have a blessed day!


  1. It looks like you are getting things moved - a little each day - and you'll be finished before you know it!

    1. Thanks! It is, by far, the slowest move I have ever done, but we are making progress and getting there, little by little. We have been so very blessed with everyone's support and time extensions!

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