Monday, July 6, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - - Dismantling the Building Pt 2

Although far too slowly for us, dismantling the building is coming along.  So far, all has been possible to do. Not easy by far, but possible. We are still trying to figure out how to move the heavy floor, though.

If you remember, I originally purchased the building from Davis Buildings based in Stigler, Oklahoma. They had said they would move it but gave us the run around until it was too late, so we are dismantling it and attempting to move it that way. It will be our Tiny House to live in. We find it very odd and interesting that, since we first posted about our issues with them a few days ago, their entire website has been taken down! There website had been up for years and I had just used it a week ago. Very odd.

When taking a building like this down, it is very important to study it a bit before beginning, and mapping out the order in which you want to take it apart so that you don't have walls, roof, etc, crashing in on top of you. Those sections are very heavy with many sharp edges and could badly, even fatally, injure someone if not done in a logical and proper order.

We have one lower wall and 2 half ends left to take down. This part is going much faster than the rest. Here are a few more pictures and explanation. . . .

The building was supposed to be leak proof. They assured us of that. Yet after moving things out of it and getting a better look at the walls, we are finding several bad leaks.

We had much of our camping stuff stored under this window, especially our tents. As you can see, this window leaked, BADLY all the way across! Some of our tents and camping supplies got really wet and we lost quite a bit of it. Davis Buildings obviously did not seal things properly. More on this in the next post.

Balcony wall and window removed on one end.
David removing the other balcony wall end. The entire wall could be moved in one piece without doing this, but it is much too heavy for one (even strong) person to do this. The door was also removed and this wall was taken down in three pieces, plus the door.

This wall could be moved in all one, long section, but it was far too heavy that way.

Top part of wall removed. Removed in 3 or 4 sections. The remainder of the wall was removed in 3 part sections. Although still heavy, much easier to carry and move that way. 

We now only have 3 days left to move. I am trying hard to hold up, but I am beginning to break, and break badly at times. Our bodies are harshly arguing against moving any more, and we still have MOST of the moving to do. We have been going at as fast of a pace as our bodies will allow, but it just isn't fast enough. We have not had, nor does it appear we will have, any physical help moving. A couple of people that were had to cancel, but they had legitimate reasons. The rest, well . . . . just didn't seem to truly care and backed out. . . . kind of went into hiding without a word. If we could just, somehow, have more time to move, (and build new animal pens) the two of us could manage to get it done, except for possibly my piano and the wood stoves. I have had my piano since I was 5 years old, moved it to every house I have ever lived in, and now it is in danger of having to be left behind. My beautiful, old, antique piano is more than just a piano, it became a part of me through my entire life and holds the most beautiful and fun family memories. Somehow, I HAVE to find a way to get it moved. But it is super heavy.
PLEASE continue to pray and hold positive thoughts for our move, for a miracle of extended time, and for our health, strength, and reduced pain so that we can do the remainder of the moving. Thank you so much!
And thank you for reading our post. Blessings for a terrific day!

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  1. I will continue to pray, and I hope you find a way to move your piano.


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