Sunday, July 12, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - Dismantling the Building Pt 3

As some of you have read, I (Anna) am losing my property to an illegal foreclosure and we are frantically trying to get me moved. Right now, we are about to finish up moving that steel storage building that will later by our Tiny Home. We had tried to get our local Towing (Morgan Towing) company to move it. After nearly 2 weeks of a run around and empty promises of calling us back with an estimate, they finally gave us an estimate of a minimum of $2000! Their way of saying 'no'.

Then there was Davis Buildings of Stigler, Oklahoma, whom we purchased the building from. They had said, sure, we can move it. But, once again, we got the run around for over a week, then they basically said they couldn't do it. They said that they could put us on a waiting list and someday, when they were this way delivering a building, they could move it then. Geez! When people move, and need a building moved, they don't have months and months to be on a waiting list to get something moved! We figure that they figure if we liked the building so much, we would just buy another if they didn't move it. WRONG! We DISMANTLED it! Actually, Dave did most of it and I helped.

It turned out to be an absolute blessing that we had to dismantle it to move it. That building was not at all built to the quality that they said it was! It was supposed to be fireproof, waterproof, varmint proof, never going above 95F, nor below freezing, etc. None of that was true!

I had trusted that it would not freeze, nor get too hot in there, so that is where I had all of my candle fragrance oils stored. It DID; however, freeze and got hot at times, expanding and contracting the bottles of oils so much that many of them busted, ruining a huge section of the flooring, not to mention I lost $$$$$$ worth of fragrance oils! So much for that 25-year flooring, too, that nearly nothing was supposed to be able to damage.

The building was not properly sealed. The roof had been sealed, but there were many, many gaps in the sealing, letting in ants! The entire inside of the roof was one, HUGE ant colony! Dave ended up with hundreds of stings/bites before he had the whole building down! For there to have been ant colonies in that building, that meant that water was getting in and it was staying damp inside. Not good!

The ants didn't stop at just the roof. There were millions inside the walls, too! Here is a section of wall where they came rushing out as Dave took the top piece off. I am allergic to ants and if we had had this building moved, we might not have ever known we were living with walls filled with ants until after we had gotten our tiny little home all set up. Again, ants live where it is nice and damp, so that meant that it was staying damp, all the time, in those walls, for the ant colonies to have been as large as they were!

Here is our little building (future home) most of the way disassembled. A storm came up and we had to stop. Looks like I didn't do too badly of a job with the layer of primer I had put on the wood floor before I laid the tiles, as the water really stood on the floor. Would have made a good slip 'n slide! (not really)  We are hoping all that rain didn't further damage the floor. So far, it looks okay.  Dave had a really hard time getting the screws out inside the building. I had painted it awhile back and did so in a way I wanted the screws to blend in with the wall and not show. He said I did a really good job of it! He had such a hard time getting through all of that paint and into the head of the screws to get them out! I felt so very bad for him, but proud of my paint job at the same time, lol. I had never painted metal walls before, and had asked at the home store how to do it. They gave good instructions!

For a professional building, there sure wasn't anything professional in its building quality! This is a picture of the inside of one of the door facings. They either got in a hurry, ran out of materials, or something didn't fit right and they just waded up the metal at the top of this door frame before putting on the door facing! 

Then there were the tiny little blocks off wood just stuck inside of the edge of the door frame, all up and down the frame, to hold the door! Each one was held in with just one tiny screw, easily removed with a hand held phillips head. You can see on the left the little screw holding the block of wood in, and the scrunched up metal above it where they just folded the metal in, rather than make sure it was completely full of the foam insulation and good and solid.  What you see of this wood block is all that there is of them. They do not go all the way back into the door.

Then there was our biggest shock! More proof that the building was NOT property sealed. When David took the walls off, he discovered that the seam at the bottom had not been sealed at all! Water had run down into the ridge that held the walls and that part is VERY rusted, the entire perimeter of the building! Had we just had this building moved and not disassembled it, long about the middle of winter, we would have been all nice and cozy in our little house and the walls would have dropped off! I guess these people don't ever expect anyone to take these buildings apart and see how they are made. But we did, and we DO NOT recommend that anyone ever purchase a building from Davis Buildings in Oklahoma!  We think we caught all the problems in this little building just in time and can make the needed repairs to still use it, very comfortably as our Tiny House, but I would never  buy one of these buildings again. But for now, this is what we have, and this is what we will work with. The concept is great, and they could be nice, cozy, long lasting buildings if built property.

Now, for some GOOD NEWS! ! ! !  We have been given at least 2 - 2 1/2 more weeks to get moved! !  ! Happy Dance! ! !  (except my poor old body is just too tired and exhausted right now to dance. But I am dancing in my head!) God is good! Prayers were heard!
Thank you for reading this post and supporting us, and please keep praying and sending those positive, uplifting thoughts.  Have a terrific day!


  1. That is great news you have more time to move. So sorry to hear about the quality of the builders.

    1. Thanks, Kristina! We were very blessed, at least, that we found out before it was beyond somewhat simple repair. Now that it is apart, we may even make some improvements to it, that we might not have otherwise thought of or been able to make. It will all work out good in the end. Since I posted this, we found some really bad mistakes with the floor, too.


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