Friday, June 5, 2015


 Yep, sorry to say, we have fallen into the Facebook / Social Media trap and it has badly pulled us away from our blog. Network, they tell you. . . . it will build up your blog. . . . it will build up your business . . . . it will . . . it will . . . it will . . .
Then before you know it, you are JUST networking on social media and let yourself get totally pulled away from where you actually started, and from the direction you intended to go in the beginning.

Then there are the "groups" on Facebook. Anna, here, got far too carried away with those. I have created quite a few "selling" groups, and they honestly DO help a LOT of people that need to earn some income, but they do get to be very time consuming. Actually, most of mine go very smoothly, but one or two of them seem to be in a pocket  that requires considerable monitoring.

How about you all? Our readers? How many of you find yourselves getting on Facebook (or any other social networking site) with the full intention of "just popping on for a minute", then find yourself still on there 3 hours later?! I have no doubt but that that is what they intend. I mean, the longer you are on there, the more they make off of advertising, right?

But we truly miss all of our friends over here on blogger, from this blog and all of our others. We miss your comments, we miss interacting with you, and we miss reading all of your posts! We are going to make every effort possible to find a much better balance and get back here more often. In today's world, Social Media, such as Facebook, DOES seem to be of some importance in the circle of things, but too much of it is certainly NOT a good thing! Too much could actually work against all of your efforts.

Dave and I have some enormous struggles going on right now. We are about to drop from exhaustion, but it is only going to grow worse over the next several weeks. But once we get through all of this, life should begin to turn uphill for us. We really, REALLY want to share this journey with you ..... going from what may be our worst and toughest point, to our clearing and uphill road. So in the midst of all of this, we are going to try extra, extra hard to post more often again on here, even if it is just a few sentences, so that at the end of this current battle, you can share our joy as we head into what will hopefully be our "clearing".

So for now, we would GREATLY APPRECIATE all of your prayers, positive thoughts, positive energies, healing, and anything else helpful that you do, that you can do from where you are, to help us along through this extremely difficult time. After this post, we will explain all of it in a series of posts, along with our progress. But for now, Dave is almost here at Anna's Farm and we need to jump in and get to work. We both have had some recent injuries and are in some pain, but we have to set that aside and get through this right now.
Thank you so very much for reading this post and continuing to follow our blog, even though we haven't been posting much, lately. Have a truly FANTASTIC day!

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