Thursday, June 25, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - Half the Ducks are Moved!

Bunny & Rover
Yesterday was another super slow, tedious moving day. We can't have all these slow days and get everything moved. As it is, it already looks hopeless, but we are not giving up! We WILL get it all moved, somehow!

We moved half of our ducks, our just-starting-to-feather Khaki Campbell ducks yesterday, along with what other items we could cram in Dave's Jeep. The little darlin's had outgrown their baby cage, so it was time to put them in their next up size jumbo growing cage as we moved them. All of our cages seem to be in use as we are moving critters, so we had to refurbish an old one to move them. I have no doubt, now, but that we could have built a new cage much faster than we could have refurbished that old one! BUT, that old one and some remnant cage wire is what we had to work with and it came out pretty good, I might say! Sorry no pics, it was well after dark when we got it finished. But oh those ducks were happy with all that new space!

We also took time to give my Angora rabbit a short hair cut to cool her off and get her ready to be moved. As soon as she adjusts to the short doo a couple of days, she will be moved to the rabbit barn with the meat rabbits. I was afraid such a short haircut on her would be a huge shock, but she is so frisky and flitting all around, now! She seems to love her haircut! She even went to sleep in my arms towards the end of her cut.

The moving is going waaayyy toooo slooowww, still. At the moment, it is just David and me moving things for about the next week. One day of that last week, we may have another set of hands to help, but right now, we are DESPERATE for help!

My COPD flared up and isn't improving at all. I am having to chug bronchitis medicine and I don't like having to do that. We are doing all of this in the heat with no air conditioning, one tiny fan for the dogs that need it inside, and one tiny fan for the Angora rabbit. As some of you remember, we had to cut most of the power to this house due to flooding, to keep it from burning down. It is in the upper 90s, with heat indexes well over 100 degrees. This does not mesh well with COPD. The arthritis in my legs, hip, back and shoulders is badly protesting, too, but it has been worse, so although slowly, I am still moving.

Not so much for Dave, though. His arthritis is EXTREMELY bad right now, and his pain level is through the roof! I have never seen him in so much pain and that breaks my heart. The other day, one of his legs went numb, and now they are both numb and he is not able to walk more of the day than he is able to walk. It is something from an old injury flared up. One small jeep full was all we were able to get loaded yesterday.

We still have mountains and mountains of stuff to move. . .  important stuff. . . . . heavy stuff, oh, so much heavy stuff, still! We aren't even half way, our bodies aren't cooperating, and July 8th will be our last moving day. Gas money to move stuff has pretty much run out, too. Some how, by the grace of God, WE WILL DO THIS!!!
Please keep us in your prayers and uplifting, positive thoughts! Thank you for reading our post and sticking with us! Have a terrific day!


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