Tuesday, June 30, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - - A Few More Chickens Moved

We are trying not to get too stressed, but it just isn't possible. We are so stressed we have knots in our tummies. There isn't enough time to move nearly everything, not even half, but we are going to keep on moving as hard and as fast as we can, hoping and praying for a miracle of help, more helping hands, and a time extension. None of that looks possible, but we are still hoping hard!

Sunday we got another small chicken pen built and 8 more chickens moved. I say small, but it was a very nice size for them. It will go inside of a larger chicken yard and once the new ones have adjusted to the ones they are going in with, they will be released into the larger pen and the smaller pen removed. These 8 pullets are still kind of young and we just didn't feel that they were quite old enough to be turned loose in with the rooster, so they can keep growing a little longer in their pen-in-a-pen while they get acquainted with their new beau.  Once again, sorry no pics. We were working as hard and fast as we could go to get them moved that day and still leave time to move others. We were working too fast to think to take pics and it got too dark to take them, too, by the time we were done.

We got absolute confirmation yesterday that the last possible known person to move the portable building that we have been planning on using for our Tiny House, WILL NOT be moving it! The people we originally purchased the building from, Davis Buildings, gave us the run around for a week, then finally said yesterday that they couldn't do it. He tried to put me off another week again ("check back next week and I will see what I can do."), but I said I needed to know something now because I had to have it moved by the end of this week, so he said, "welp, sorry, can't do it." I even offered him full banner space advertising at the top of our blog page for a full year, in addition to his moving fee (they do move their buildings and had given me a quote of $550 to move it), and he turned that down, also. What an idiot!

We were originally going to go with Davis Buildings to move our building, since we purchased it from them, but then we learned of a more local place that sold buildings and could move it for us for an even lower price quote. When we finally called them to say we were ready for them to move it, they had gone out of business and their phone was disconnected! We called around to numerous places and none of the other building places would move a competitor's building. It was suggested I call a wrecker/towing service. Most of them wouldn't do it either, but one finally told me that Morgan's Towing was the only one in the area that did. We decided to try them next since they were also local. They gave us the run around for nearly 2 weeks! When I first called, they told me that they could definitely do it but there would be permits to buy since the building was 11 feet tall. I said we were okay with that and were aware of it. She said she would have the scheduler call us right back. No one called us back. This went on for nearly 2 weeks. Every time I called, she said she would step out and tell him to call me back, or he wasn't in and she would give him the message, etc, etc, etc. FINALLY, she said he gave her a quote to give me . . .  $2000 minimum to move it! He said the high price was due to how difficult it would be to get into my yard and back to the building to get it. First, he only had my name and the area in which I lived, not my address. Second, we were clearing the entire area to the building. We just don't have that kind of money, and the building didn't cost much more than that. But they knew that. That was their way of getting us to say NO instead of them saying NO.

We know, for fact, that someone(s) are in my phone, periodically listening to mine and David's conversations. We are beginning to think that someone went ahead of us and convinced these people (both companies) to not move our building. I promise you, it isn't as far fetched as you think.

When I reminded Davis Buildings that getting our building moved was what was standing between us having a home and living in a tent indefinitely, that is when he said, with slight sarcasm, "welp, sorry, can't do it." I reminded him of our advertising offer, but he stood firm. Only a FOOL would turn down an offer like that! Apparently he isn't interested in selling his buildings, either.

As I stood there staring at the little building, mind wondering as I tried to figure out what to do next, it occurred to me that the ENTIRE building is assembled with Phillips head screws! I grabbed my Phillips head screwdriver and was able to easily unscrew a couple of screws! Hmmm..... maybe I can dismantle it and move it that way. That roof sure is a long way up there, though. Don't think I can do it myself? THEN COME HELP ME DO IT! ! ! !

Thank you so much for reading our post, and keep those prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts coming. . . . And if you are local, we could really use some extra hands of help. YES, for once in my life, I am swallowing my pride and asking for help. Have a great day!

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