Friday, June 26, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - Building New Dog Yards

First, we want to thank EVERYONE for your wonderful prayers and uplifting, positive thoughts. We have not doubt but that it is helping immensely! Dave's legs are still numb, but his pain level is much, much lower yesterday and today. He is hard at work trying to get new dog yards built for 9 dogs. It will take 2 yards with a divider in one, 3 rows of electric fencing, and an inward bend at the top. Boxers are great, bull-headed climbers with a determination to go back to the security of their familiar home. Just one time getting out and we will never be able to keep them in. So it has to be ultra secure to start with. Then a cat kennel will have to be built. Since they are used to being in the house, and we will be living in a tent for some time to come (more on that later), they will have to be in an enclosed. large kennel for now, to keep them safe.

On my end, besides sorting and packing, I am working on building transport and temporary holding cages to transport chickens and ducks. We hate to do it that way, but some serious choices are having to be made. We are at the point that we are going to have to start making choices as to what I just absolutely can't live without, and what can be left behind. NOTHING can be left behind in my eyes, and that is ripping me apart inside and out! ! ! !  But that is what I have been dealt. Naturally, getting all the animals moved and comfy HAS to take utmost priority, but some will have to temporarily make do with a little smaller pen/cage so that we can move as much of my personal belongings and our business supplies as possible, then get larger pens built before winter.

Yesterday was not nearly as productive of a day for me as I needed. I had a killer full body migraine that made me sick all over and heart flutters every time I tried to move around at all. Must have been from the rain we were supposed to get right now, but have yet to see. I didn't get a lot done, not nearly enough to count, but I did get some done, and I hit the jackpot when I went to hunt down some more wire for cages. As you can see in the picture above, I found a BEAUTIFUL patch of Chanterelle Mushrooms!!! Right now I am truly wishing I could just pick that entire section of property up and move it to Dave's! Needless to day, I ended up picking mushrooms instead of getting that cage built. Shame on me!

I also found another interesting mushroom that has been identified as Ringless Honey Mushrooms. (edible) I can hardly wait to try it,too! They were growing in a very old, small chunk of a stump. I am toying with the idea of actually trying to move that chunk of a stump.

Thank you so much for reading our post! Stay tuned and have a fantastically beautiful day!

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