Tuesday, June 30, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - - A Few More Chickens Moved

We are trying not to get too stressed, but it just isn't possible. We are so stressed we have knots in our tummies. There isn't enough time to move nearly everything, not even half, but we are going to keep on moving as hard and as fast as we can, hoping and praying for a miracle of help, more helping hands, and a time extension. None of that looks possible, but we are still hoping hard!

Sunday we got another small chicken pen built and 8 more chickens moved. I say small, but it was a very nice size for them. It will go inside of a larger chicken yard and once the new ones have adjusted to the ones they are going in with, they will be released into the larger pen and the smaller pen removed. These 8 pullets are still kind of young and we just didn't feel that they were quite old enough to be turned loose in with the rooster, so they can keep growing a little longer in their pen-in-a-pen while they get acquainted with their new beau.  Once again, sorry no pics. We were working as hard and fast as we could go to get them moved that day and still leave time to move others. We were working too fast to think to take pics and it got too dark to take them, too, by the time we were done.

We got absolute confirmation yesterday that the last possible known person to move the portable building that we have been planning on using for our Tiny House, WILL NOT be moving it! The people we originally purchased the building from, Davis Buildings, gave us the run around for a week, then finally said yesterday that they couldn't do it. He tried to put me off another week again ("check back next week and I will see what I can do."), but I said I needed to know something now because I had to have it moved by the end of this week, so he said, "welp, sorry, can't do it." I even offered him full banner space advertising at the top of our blog page for a full year, in addition to his moving fee (they do move their buildings and had given me a quote of $550 to move it), and he turned that down, also. What an idiot!

We were originally going to go with Davis Buildings to move our building, since we purchased it from them, but then we learned of a more local place that sold buildings and could move it for us for an even lower price quote. When we finally called them to say we were ready for them to move it, they had gone out of business and their phone was disconnected! We called around to numerous places and none of the other building places would move a competitor's building. It was suggested I call a wrecker/towing service. Most of them wouldn't do it either, but one finally told me that Morgan's Towing was the only one in the area that did. We decided to try them next since they were also local. They gave us the run around for nearly 2 weeks! When I first called, they told me that they could definitely do it but there would be permits to buy since the building was 11 feet tall. I said we were okay with that and were aware of it. She said she would have the scheduler call us right back. No one called us back. This went on for nearly 2 weeks. Every time I called, she said she would step out and tell him to call me back, or he wasn't in and she would give him the message, etc, etc, etc. FINALLY, she said he gave her a quote to give me . . .  $2000 minimum to move it! He said the high price was due to how difficult it would be to get into my yard and back to the building to get it. First, he only had my name and the area in which I lived, not my address. Second, we were clearing the entire area to the building. We just don't have that kind of money, and the building didn't cost much more than that. But they knew that. That was their way of getting us to say NO instead of them saying NO.

We know, for fact, that someone(s) are in my phone, periodically listening to mine and David's conversations. We are beginning to think that someone went ahead of us and convinced these people (both companies) to not move our building. I promise you, it isn't as far fetched as you think.

When I reminded Davis Buildings that getting our building moved was what was standing between us having a home and living in a tent indefinitely, that is when he said, with slight sarcasm, "welp, sorry, can't do it." I reminded him of our advertising offer, but he stood firm. Only a FOOL would turn down an offer like that! Apparently he isn't interested in selling his buildings, either.

As I stood there staring at the little building, mind wondering as I tried to figure out what to do next, it occurred to me that the ENTIRE building is assembled with Phillips head screws! I grabbed my Phillips head screwdriver and was able to easily unscrew a couple of screws! Hmmm..... maybe I can dismantle it and move it that way. That roof sure is a long way up there, though. Don't think I can do it myself? THEN COME HELP ME DO IT! ! ! !

Thank you so much for reading our post, and keep those prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts coming. . . . And if you are local, we could really use some extra hands of help. YES, for once in my life, I am swallowing my pride and asking for help. Have a great day!

Friday, June 26, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - Building New Dog Yards

First, we want to thank EVERYONE for your wonderful prayers and uplifting, positive thoughts. We have not doubt but that it is helping immensely! Dave's legs are still numb, but his pain level is much, much lower yesterday and today. He is hard at work trying to get new dog yards built for 9 dogs. It will take 2 yards with a divider in one, 3 rows of electric fencing, and an inward bend at the top. Boxers are great, bull-headed climbers with a determination to go back to the security of their familiar home. Just one time getting out and we will never be able to keep them in. So it has to be ultra secure to start with. Then a cat kennel will have to be built. Since they are used to being in the house, and we will be living in a tent for some time to come (more on that later), they will have to be in an enclosed. large kennel for now, to keep them safe.

On my end, besides sorting and packing, I am working on building transport and temporary holding cages to transport chickens and ducks. We hate to do it that way, but some serious choices are having to be made. We are at the point that we are going to have to start making choices as to what I just absolutely can't live without, and what can be left behind. NOTHING can be left behind in my eyes, and that is ripping me apart inside and out! ! ! !  But that is what I have been dealt. Naturally, getting all the animals moved and comfy HAS to take utmost priority, but some will have to temporarily make do with a little smaller pen/cage so that we can move as much of my personal belongings and our business supplies as possible, then get larger pens built before winter.

Yesterday was not nearly as productive of a day for me as I needed. I had a killer full body migraine that made me sick all over and heart flutters every time I tried to move around at all. Must have been from the rain we were supposed to get right now, but have yet to see. I didn't get a lot done, not nearly enough to count, but I did get some done, and I hit the jackpot when I went to hunt down some more wire for cages. As you can see in the picture above, I found a BEAUTIFUL patch of Chanterelle Mushrooms!!! Right now I am truly wishing I could just pick that entire section of property up and move it to Dave's! Needless to day, I ended up picking mushrooms instead of getting that cage built. Shame on me!

I also found another interesting mushroom that has been identified as Ringless Honey Mushrooms. (edible) I can hardly wait to try it,too! They were growing in a very old, small chunk of a stump. I am toying with the idea of actually trying to move that chunk of a stump.

Thank you so much for reading our post! Stay tuned and have a fantastically beautiful day!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

(AF) MOVING UPDATE - Half the Ducks are Moved!

Bunny & Rover
Yesterday was another super slow, tedious moving day. We can't have all these slow days and get everything moved. As it is, it already looks hopeless, but we are not giving up! We WILL get it all moved, somehow!

We moved half of our ducks, our just-starting-to-feather Khaki Campbell ducks yesterday, along with what other items we could cram in Dave's Jeep. The little darlin's had outgrown their baby cage, so it was time to put them in their next up size jumbo growing cage as we moved them. All of our cages seem to be in use as we are moving critters, so we had to refurbish an old one to move them. I have no doubt, now, but that we could have built a new cage much faster than we could have refurbished that old one! BUT, that old one and some remnant cage wire is what we had to work with and it came out pretty good, I might say! Sorry no pics, it was well after dark when we got it finished. But oh those ducks were happy with all that new space!

We also took time to give my Angora rabbit a short hair cut to cool her off and get her ready to be moved. As soon as she adjusts to the short doo a couple of days, she will be moved to the rabbit barn with the meat rabbits. I was afraid such a short haircut on her would be a huge shock, but she is so frisky and flitting all around, now! She seems to love her haircut! She even went to sleep in my arms towards the end of her cut.

The moving is going waaayyy toooo slooowww, still. At the moment, it is just David and me moving things for about the next week. One day of that last week, we may have another set of hands to help, but right now, we are DESPERATE for help!

My COPD flared up and isn't improving at all. I am having to chug bronchitis medicine and I don't like having to do that. We are doing all of this in the heat with no air conditioning, one tiny fan for the dogs that need it inside, and one tiny fan for the Angora rabbit. As some of you remember, we had to cut most of the power to this house due to flooding, to keep it from burning down. It is in the upper 90s, with heat indexes well over 100 degrees. This does not mesh well with COPD. The arthritis in my legs, hip, back and shoulders is badly protesting, too, but it has been worse, so although slowly, I am still moving.

Not so much for Dave, though. His arthritis is EXTREMELY bad right now, and his pain level is through the roof! I have never seen him in so much pain and that breaks my heart. The other day, one of his legs went numb, and now they are both numb and he is not able to walk more of the day than he is able to walk. It is something from an old injury flared up. One small jeep full was all we were able to get loaded yesterday.

We still have mountains and mountains of stuff to move. . .  important stuff. . . . . heavy stuff, oh, so much heavy stuff, still! We aren't even half way, our bodies aren't cooperating, and July 8th will be our last moving day. Gas money to move stuff has pretty much run out, too. Some how, by the grace of God, WE WILL DO THIS!!!
Please keep us in your prayers and uplifting, positive thoughts! Thank you for reading our post and sticking with us! Have a terrific day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

(AF) Two Farms FINALLY Merging Into One, but . . . .

  It is a sad, stressful, high speed move.

We are losing my (Anna's) property to an illegal foreclosure. I am trying to make some time to write out all the details, all that has happened, is happening, and is going to happen, but for now, I will have to be brief. I need to get back to packing and building some more temporary/transport pens.

The payment here ballooned, even with a fixed rate. Over the last few years, it went up several hundred dollars! I tried to do a loan modification, took the steps they told me to take, but they had set me up to turn it into a foreclosure instead, which was their intention all along.

I have been here for 18 years, and these are the houses that the banks (in this case, Bank of America), are pouncing on! Everything they have done so far.is illegal, yet everything just keeps going right on through. I was still thinking I was in loan modification negotiations, then got a letter that I had one month to vacate because my house is being sold in a sheriff's sale on July 9t!. Only one month to move an entire farm of 18 years! Although it has  been just me here for a long time, now, there are still 8 people's belongings here to go through and pack.

We now have only 2 weeks left and not nearly half way through. My COPD has badly flared up, along with my arthritis. Dave's arthritis is just BAD, to say the least. He is barely walking and can't at times. We have planned all along for me to move in with Dave and merge our farms, but we weren't quite there, not quite ready yet. We were turning Anna's Farm into a Homeless Eco Village and was laying the ground work here before we moved me over to Dave's Farm. We were getting close, and even had our first couple soon on their way (they were just waiting for a bus ticket), when all this hit.

What we really find odd, is that, all this time, we had mostly been working quietly on the Homeless Village. But as soon as we made our plans public and had our first couple on their way, the foreclosure hit. Coincidence? I think not!

Please keep us in your prayers and lifted up with your positive, energetic thoughts. Our bodies have already given out, money is all gone (each load is a 2 hour round trip) and we have a long, long way to go with the moving, and still have all of the ultra heavy stuff to move. At the moment, it looks impossible. Right now, it appears I will have to be walking away from half of my life long possessions and business supplies we have accumulated, but we aren't giving up! We are determined and positive that help will come from somewhere to help us get everything moved out of here.

Thank you for reading our post and staying with us, even when we are away for long periods of time. Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 5, 2015

PHARMACY FRIDAY - There's a FLEA in my EAR! ! !

 Yes, this post is for humans, as well as animals. So why am I doing a Pharmacy post about fleas? So you don't end up to the point that you have to have any pharmacy items for this issue. . . . . So what can be a simple fix, doesn't end up being a major infection.

When we have furry pets, they will have fleas, from time to time. Try as you might to keep them totally flea free, occasionally one or more are going to find them. Then, too, there are also places where fleas abound, even if pets aren't in the area.

Have you or your fur baby ever gotten a flea in your ear? If your pet has, you probably vividly remember them frantically clawing, scratching, digging, shaking their ear, and pathetically whimpering as they try to get it out. If  YOU have ever gotten a flea in YOUR ear, you will completely understand what your furry loved one was going through and how LOUD and ANNOYING that teensy little thing roaming around inside your ear was!

If that little sucker stays in an ear too long, it can lead to a serious ear infection, which can lead to needing all kinds of costly medications and medical care. So what is a person to do to get that ornery little devil of a bug out? ! ? !

SHINE A FLASHLIGHT IN YOUR EAR! Yes! It IS that simple! That little flea will immediately start heading for the light and come right on out of your ear. It sure does tickle, but. . . . what a relief! Problem instantly solved with just a little beam of light. This should also work for insects as well, if you are unfortunate enough to have anything else decide to check out the dark cavern of your ear canal. Now, don't you wish that every little annoying problem in life was this simple to remedy? ! ? ! I certainly do!

Note: This post represents my own opinions and experiences. I am not a licensed medical professional and my advice is not to be used as a substitute for proper medical care.

Thank you for reading my post!


 Yep, sorry to say, we have fallen into the Facebook / Social Media trap and it has badly pulled us away from our blog. Network, they tell you. . . . it will build up your blog. . . . it will build up your business . . . . it will . . . it will . . . it will . . .
Then before you know it, you are JUST networking on social media and let yourself get totally pulled away from where you actually started, and from the direction you intended to go in the beginning.

Then there are the "groups" on Facebook. Anna, here, got far too carried away with those. I have created quite a few "selling" groups, and they honestly DO help a LOT of people that need to earn some income, but they do get to be very time consuming. Actually, most of mine go very smoothly, but one or two of them seem to be in a pocket  that requires considerable monitoring.

How about you all? Our readers? How many of you find yourselves getting on Facebook (or any other social networking site) with the full intention of "just popping on for a minute", then find yourself still on there 3 hours later?! I have no doubt but that that is what they intend. I mean, the longer you are on there, the more they make off of advertising, right?

But we truly miss all of our friends over here on blogger, from this blog and all of our others. We miss your comments, we miss interacting with you, and we miss reading all of your posts! We are going to make every effort possible to find a much better balance and get back here more often. In today's world, Social Media, such as Facebook, DOES seem to be of some importance in the circle of things, but too much of it is certainly NOT a good thing! Too much could actually work against all of your efforts.

Dave and I have some enormous struggles going on right now. We are about to drop from exhaustion, but it is only going to grow worse over the next several weeks. But once we get through all of this, life should begin to turn uphill for us. We really, REALLY want to share this journey with you ..... going from what may be our worst and toughest point, to our clearing and uphill road. So in the midst of all of this, we are going to try extra, extra hard to post more often again on here, even if it is just a few sentences, so that at the end of this current battle, you can share our joy as we head into what will hopefully be our "clearing".

So for now, we would GREATLY APPRECIATE all of your prayers, positive thoughts, positive energies, healing, and anything else helpful that you do, that you can do from where you are, to help us along through this extremely difficult time. After this post, we will explain all of it in a series of posts, along with our progress. But for now, Dave is almost here at Anna's Farm and we need to jump in and get to work. We both have had some recent injuries and are in some pain, but we have to set that aside and get through this right now.
Thank you so very much for reading this post and continuing to follow our blog, even though we haven't been posting much, lately. Have a truly FANTASTIC day!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Ear Mushroom
 Ever since I was a little girl, I was absolutely fascinated with mushrooms. I LOVED the mushrooms we occasionally splurged on at the store, both fresh and canned. I loved them so much I could have eaten them every day!

Then I started noticing mushrooms growing around the yard during wet spells. I would ask my parents about them, eagerly hoping I could eat some of them. I was always told that some could be eaten, but some were deadly poisonous, so unless you were an expert, you had to leave them all alone or you would end up dying. Well, as a little kid, that was enough for me! But I was still fascinated by them so I just admired them at an arms length distance.

As I got older, I became more curious. I started thinking I might want to try learning about them. Not become an expert, but at least maybe learn about one or two that I could identify easily and eat. Then I saw an article on the news where a man just walking along had kicked a mushroom and the spores that flew up were so toxic that he died from breathing them in. So that turned me back off of my mushroom interest and even instilled yet more intense fear of mushrooms in me.

But last year, we had a much damper year than usual (following a long drought) and mushrooms of all kinds were popping up everywhere! Many of them were absolutely fascinating! Last Fall, after two HUGE flushes of yummy looking mushrooms on a couple of my trees, just outside my office window, I decided I HAD to know what they were! Another flush came out and I ran out and took pictures from every angle I could. Then I joined a mushroom identifying group and soon learned that they were Oyster Mushrooms!! Oh, how yummy they were! I cooked them in everything and even made mushrooms chips out of them.

I am still kicking myself for missing those first two ENORMOUS flushes on those 2 trees. They were enough to have probably lasted 3 families an entire year. But, on the other hand, I do know now, and it was those mushrooms that gave me the push to actively start learning about wild mushrooms and trying some of them.

Now, I seemed to have turned into a Mushroom Maniac! Seems I can't walk across the yard without looking for mushrooms. I find myself looking over every stick before I toss it in the fire. And right now, it has been such a wet Spring that pretty much every stick you pick up has mushrooms on it.

My latest adventure in mushrooms is to determine if a bunch of these that are prolific right now are Turkey Tail mushrooms. I am really anxious to find out! If you have a clue or idea as to what type the mushrooms in the banner pic (at the top of the page) are, we would love to hear from you.  No, we won't use it as an absolute positive ID, but we would love to hear what your opinions on the  variety are.

Thank you for reading our blog and have a fantastic day!