Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Where Have We Been?! ! !

A few of our 'kids' snuggled up on their frumpy old couch.
  Oh, my! Have we EVER strayed from our blogs!!! Soooo . . . . What happened?  LIFE!!!

Yes, we have been SUPER busy, to say the least. Sad part is, it is these times that we are too busy to blog that we have the MOST to blog about! As we trudge through life, going about our work, tasks and chaos, we have soooo many blog posts running through our heads. Gosh, if I was to even get half of the ones I have written down in my head, posted here, you all would probably get tired of reading!

Just as it seems to be for everyone these days, life has been extra hard. We are more financially strapped than ever, our efforts to try and earn every penny we can seems to take up every waking minute of our days (and many of our sleeping minutes, too), and with nearly every thing we do to try and move forward in life, something seems to always be there fighting extra hard against us.  We get so focused on trying to just survive each day and each moment, and in the back of our minds we keep saying "we will get back on here tomorrow", but before you know it - tomorrow is months and months away!

Oh, how we miss being on here, posting our posts, reading our fellow bloggers' posts, and commenting around. And you know, we are no further ahead now than we were before we took this little break from blogging to try and throw ALL of our time into getting financially ahead. Actually, we are even further behind, I believe. And far more frustrated from not taking the time to vent our frustrations, and share our joys and discoveries.

SO, the rest of this year, we are going to try our hardest to get back on here, catch you all up to date with us, and catch up with all of you that we follow. We hope life has been treating you well, we thank you for keeping us on your blogging list, and we look forward to being back here on Blogger.

Have a safe and FANTASTIC Thanksgiving weekend!!

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