Friday, November 28, 2014

PHARMACY FRIDAY - Medicate or Change?

This will be the first of many posts I make on this subject, so if this leaves you with more questions, feel free to ask away in the comments, and stay tuned for future posts.

TOILET PAPER - what is it really made out of? Although not as common these days, some toilet paper is still actually made from all new materials. Naturally, it would not be white, so it is heavily bleached with chemicals, of which traces stay in the toilet paper.

These traces of chemicals are usually very irritating to the skin. And what skin are we putting in on? None other than the most delicate skin on our bodies?  And then there are the traces of wood pulp. Anyone that has ever cut themselves "there" with a 'splinter' embedded in their toilet paper, can vouch that it is not only uncomfortable at the time, but for days to come, sometimes even getting infected and requiring medication.  NOT FUN!

Most toilet paper, now, is made of recycled materials. Is this really helping our Earth? We will get more into that at a later date. What I am getting to here is that toilet paper made this way requires even more chemicals. First, there are the de-inking chemicals. Then there are a host of other chemicals used in the entire process from the chemicals that the recycling papers already contain, to pulping all those old books, magazines, office papers, etc. to bleaching it out all nice and pretty white for the end product. Traces, sometimes large traces, of all those chemicals stay behind in the end product . . . . that soft, fluffy white roll of toilet tissue.

THEN . . . . . . you repeatedly . . . numerous times a day . . . . woller that chemical laden paper around on your most delicate parts of your body. Next thing you know, you are squirming in the grocery store trying to fight that "itch" in public. You keep having itches, tiny little cuts, tears, swelling, redness, rashes and/or a host of other irritations surface over time. If you knew that all of this was due to your toilet paper, would you do something about it? Change brands? Well, that might help if it was a particular dye or scent that was irritating you. But what if it was the basic chemicals in the toilet paper that was the evil villain irritating you? Would you buy creams, ointments and/or expensive prescription medications to counter the problems and keep on using toilet paper? If you knew your the chemicals in your toilet paper increased your chances of cancer and needing cancer treatments, would you keep using it? That just doesn't make sense!

There is another option. Family Cloth, or Reusable Toilet 'Paper'. (soft, fabric cotton wipes)  No, it isn't as bad as it sounds. Yes, this is something you have to wash over and over, just as you did those cloth baby diapers, but it is no worse. And they are free of all those irritating chemicals!

If you realized ..... if you knew, that your toilet paper was the culprit of making you 'sick there', would you continue to use that chemical laden throw away toilet paper and additionally purchase and use messy creams and ointments to try and counter the problem? Or would you switch to Reusable and launderable cotton cloth wipes and be free of all that misery? I have chosen the latter and life is so much better now!
If you knew that making this change would make intimacy better and more comfortable, would you change? If you knew that all of your "personal private problems" could be completely cleared up just by changing that one thing, changing from paper toilet paper, to washable cloth, would you change? Believe me, it is totally worth it! Just reducing my recurrent bladder infections to near nothing was worth it alone!

Thank you for reading my post.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

From us to you . . . . .



Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WordlessWednesday - Our Cuddly Clyde

Our Precious, Cuddly, Ornery Clyde

Where Have We Been?! ! !

A few of our 'kids' snuggled up on their frumpy old couch.
  Oh, my! Have we EVER strayed from our blogs!!! Soooo . . . . What happened?  LIFE!!!

Yes, we have been SUPER busy, to say the least. Sad part is, it is these times that we are too busy to blog that we have the MOST to blog about! As we trudge through life, going about our work, tasks and chaos, we have soooo many blog posts running through our heads. Gosh, if I was to even get half of the ones I have written down in my head, posted here, you all would probably get tired of reading!

Just as it seems to be for everyone these days, life has been extra hard. We are more financially strapped than ever, our efforts to try and earn every penny we can seems to take up every waking minute of our days (and many of our sleeping minutes, too), and with nearly every thing we do to try and move forward in life, something seems to always be there fighting extra hard against us.  We get so focused on trying to just survive each day and each moment, and in the back of our minds we keep saying "we will get back on here tomorrow", but before you know it - tomorrow is months and months away!

Oh, how we miss being on here, posting our posts, reading our fellow bloggers' posts, and commenting around. And you know, we are no further ahead now than we were before we took this little break from blogging to try and throw ALL of our time into getting financially ahead. Actually, we are even further behind, I believe. And far more frustrated from not taking the time to vent our frustrations, and share our joys and discoveries.

SO, the rest of this year, we are going to try our hardest to get back on here, catch you all up to date with us, and catch up with all of you that we follow. We hope life has been treating you well, we thank you for keeping us on your blogging list, and we look forward to being back here on Blogger.

Have a safe and FANTASTIC Thanksgiving weekend!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tightwad Tuesday - Crusty Cereal

stock photo
   Did you get the outside edge of your cake you just baked too done? Is it a little too hard and crusty on one or all sides? Not to worry. It isn't a total waste. In fact, it can be turned into something very delicious!

I apologize in advance for no other pics, as when I did this with my chocolate cake the other day, I ate it all before I thought to take pics along the way.  And I really don't want to purposely try making another one just for the pics.

Cut off the portion that is hard and crusty, even if it is a little toasty. It will still be good. Now, cut this hard, crusty portion up into small, bite-sized pieces.

Place these bite-sized pieces into cereal bowls and pour milk over all. And there you have it! Homemade Cereal!! It is actually very good, and your kids will think it is great fun! If you unfortunately have a large amount of toasty cake, you can always cut it up and freeze it to use as cereal for breakfasts, as desired.

Nothing wasted, nothing tossed. But awww.... poor chickens. They didn't get to eat the boo boo this time.

Have a wonderful day and scrumptious cooking this week!