Wednesday, March 5, 2014

(DF) SPRINGTIME THUNDERSTORMS: And warm weather, and sleet, and, snow, and really cold and...........

Saturday, March first was a really nice day (yes March came in like a lamb).  The air was damp and warm, smelling of early spring rain, and a soft warm breeze was blowing,  Grateful for the warm weather and being off work, I spent the afternoon working outside in short sleeves. Of course, the work I was doing was in preparation for the next cold front.

The forecast for the next day was for falling temperatures and precipitation, so some things on the farm had to be done.  Firewood had to be hauled in, extra bedding was needed for the goats and chickens, and the million and one other activities on the farm that have to be stepped up a notch for cold weather.

Sunday morning was a completely different picture.  As promised, the temperature had dropped below freezing and it had rained lightly during the night, leaving a light covering of ice on everything outside.  Sleet had also begun to fall lightly (a light spring shower if the temp had been a bit warmer).  If not for my  corporate work schedule, it would have been a wonderful morning to stay in the house, but I was scheduled to work.  The drive in was on roads white with ice and sleet, but not yet treacherous.

Abut an hour after arriving at work, it began to thunder.  Yes, I did say thunder.  Lightening flashed and thunder rolled like a really nice springtime thunderstorm, then large grains sleet began to fall heavily, like a froze n downpour.  This storms came in waves through the day, piling up about three inches of sleet on the ground.  The temperatures had been falling all day as well so there was no melting or clumping of the sleet.  Roads, parking lots and everything else was covered with ice pellets like piles of course beach sand.

The drive home was a bit more difficult, though not extremely bad.  Arriving at home, I found that the temperature had fallen to fourteen degrees (this was late afternoon).  Overnight, the temperature dropped near zero, freezing pipes, and generally making for a miserable Monday morning.  Tuesday finally got above freezing and cleared the ice from most of the roads, but we will still have ice around for a while, even with warmer temperatures the rest of the week.

Whatever else can be said about the weather, this was not our normal springtime thunderstorm.  Normal or not, it did get us some much needed moisture, so I won't complain too much.  Until nest time, stay warm.

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