Monday, February 24, 2014

50,000 + Page Views!!!

Today, we passed the 50,000 + page views mark! I know that to some longtime bloggers, that might not seem like much, but to us, that is HUGE!!! And we couldn't have done it without ALL of our many, wonderful viewers!

And we want to give you our most sincerest . . . . . .

Thank you! . . .  Thank You!! . . . . . THANK YOU!!!!

And yes, I am really getting tired of winter and I got a little carried away, today, with the Spring Green on our layout. So if the color scheme I chose is offensive to anyone in any way, or is even the slightest bit distracting, PLEASE let one of us know.

And once again. THANK YOU for making our blog successful! We could never have done it without you! We truly love each and every one of our readers! Have a fantastic day!


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