Friday, December 6, 2013

PHARMACY FRIDAY - - Pain Med Chaser

  Yes, once again this is a catch-up post. The past few days have been spent going at top speed to get the critters, plants, the farm, and me ready for an unusually harsh, and early Winter blast. And now, I sit here staring out the window at many inches of snow, on top of a couple inches of ice .... hands nearly too cold to type. Consequently, this will probably be shorter than usual.

With all that extra hard, non-stop work, combined with the effects of the incoming storm system, my pain level (in many areas of my body) rose substantially as I prepared this little farm .... often tooth gritting pain. A couple of times, I literally could not walk without a cane and even that was questionable. Yes, I cheated. I didn't sit still long enough for natural pain relief to take effect and took some pain reliever. I know, shame on me! There is; however, a natural substance that one can combine with pain medications to hasten and amplify their effect so that they work faster, better, and reduce the amount of them that you take. Being able to take less of them is a good thing.

I had a great dentist once (now retired) that told me that if I drank a Coke, a cup of coffee, or something with caffeine in it as I took a Tylenol or pain pill, it would make it work faster and stronger. I tried it and he was right! Over the years, I have tried this many times, each time with excellent results. So although I get desperate and cheat from time to time, by consuming a little caffeine (which is natural) along with pain medication, I am always able to cut the amount I take in half, usually with even better and faster results.

I do not advocate the use of commercially made pain medications. I hold firm that natural pain relief should be used as much as possible. I, myself, still get great results with Cayenne and/or Tabasco peppers . . .  even better when I toss in a hefty dash of Ceylon cinnamon. And you must be careful when consuming caffeinated beverages with your pain medications. Too much caffeine can create even more problems.

Here is what Live Strong has to say about the subject: Caffeine & Pain Relievers

Have a beautiful day! 


  1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are very welcome, Kristina! And thank you so much fro reading my post!


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