Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TIGHTWAD TUESDAY - Stock vs Your Own Photos

When Dave and I first started writing this blog, we were still very 'green' with the way blogger worked. I had used blogger some, but not a whole lot. Dave was totally new to this platform. And neither of us knew there was a limit to the Photo Space available to us on here, and that you have to purchase additional photo space when that runs out.

We started out devotedly using only our own photos. We thought it was 'cheating' to use Stock Photos, and just not quite right. Then we started seeing our friends run out of photo space on their blogs. One friend just started a sequel blog, rather than purchase more blog photo space, which we thought was pretty clever. Then I also learned that when you use stock photos, it doesn't use up any of your photo memory space on here!

So as you have seen, we have experimented around a little with using some stock photos now and then, because we are just too big of tightwads to pay for more photo space. Besides being tight with our money, I especially get irritated when I have to pay for something I can't see, hear or touch, like photo space! 

So we have decided, that for awhile, when it is appropriate to use a standard stock photo on one of our posts, we will do so. This will enable us to save our photo space for the posts that especially need actual photos of life around our farm, thus, saving us lots of money and hassle, and helping us be able to bring you more of the necessary and fun photos of our life and farm.

What is your take on, and opinion of, Stock Photos?

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