Tuesday, November 5, 2013


TO ALL OF OUR TERRIFIC READERS that tried to visit us over the past few days and could not find us, we GREATLY APOLOGIZE!

We were having GREAT technical difficulties with our blog, and even bigger difficulties with our efforts to find the correct person(s) to give us the answers we needed to fix the problem. But after several days of EXTREME stress, which has now converted into great relief, we are finally back up and going!!!! What a relief! Doing an happy dance, here!

Although computers and do have their "fun" aspect, personally, I think they create far more stress (and illness) in the world than they do good. The stress from just this one technical issue alone, made me physically ill in several ways, including getting up yesterday with a bad cold, that was a bad sinus infection by this morning, along with heart flutters. Although I would miss my interactions with my many friends around the world ....  some days, I just wish all the computers all over the world would vanish and life could go back to 'normal'. Yes, some people's lives might be cut short with the lack of computers, but then on the other hand, there are so many more lives cut short from the stress of working with computers.

What would you miss most if computers suddenly didn't exist?

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