Friday, October 25, 2013

PHARMACY FRIDAY - Spearmint to Calm Nerve Pain

  As many of you know, I live with a lot of pain. I honestly can't remember the last, completely pain free day I have had, not for as far back as I can possibly think, and the areas of pain just seem to keep popping up in new places, nearly taking over my entire body at times.

My newest pain is actually a burning, seemingly brought on with changes in weather, especially cold and rain. Usually it is in my legs and feet, but sometimes it also creeps into my back and arms. Sometimes, it feels like I am literally on fire, just below my skin level. And let me tell you, this is far more difficult to deal with than basic joint pain!

Adding Cayenne pepper to my foods and drinks seems to help quite a bit, but I have been looking for something additional (natural of course) for even more relief. I have done some extensive researching over the past few weeks and what I came up with was Spearmint - oil or tea! I think I have some Spearmint tea tucked away in the back of my cabinet. Time to get it out and try it. We have a great arsenal of essential oils, but regretfully, we do not have this one. We will be getting some just as soon as we can to try in a rub-on liniment because it looks so promising!

Spearmint is a 'Nervine'. A nervine is a substance that affects our nerves, either by stimulating them or by calming them. Spearmint is often used as a calming nervine, although, ironically, its aroma also is used to stimulate a tired mind.. Not only does it appear to calm our emotional nerves, but our physical nerves, as well. It has been reported that Spearmint is great to reduce swelling and pain of our nerves, both by ingestion and topical application.

You may be sitting there thinking, "Peppermint does nearly all of that, too." But in the case of using essential oils (or teas), Spearmint Essential Oil has far less menthol than peppermint, by comparison (Peppermint essential oil is high in menthol) and is much easier on sensitive skin and tummies.

Not to stray off of the topic too far, but for a little added info, Spearmint also is great to release urine retention. Urine retention can cause swelling, which in turn, causes pain. Plus, stored up urine can build up toxins in the body, which, again, causes more pain. Using Spearmint to rid the body of excess urine can also further reduce pain.

As I sit here and type this, my lower back, legs, feet, and upper arms are, once again, moderately burning as the threat of more storms and rain approaches. I do like being able to predict the weather, but I DON'T like all this pain! I will be hunting down my box of Spearmint tea and give it a try throughout this bad weather spell that is predicted to last for several days. I am holding on to strong hope that it will bring me great relief. I will let you know how it works. We welcome any additional info you might have on the subject! 

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  1. I love spearmint in my tea. Yum.

    1. I do, too, I just never really think about it because I usually just grab a pinch off of my applemint and put it in if it is regular tea, but in the Winter, I make mostly Peach Passion hot tea or Spiced Chai Tea. I really do need to broaden my teas this winter.
      I have been working on the exact measurements for my homemade Hot Chocolate. I think I about have it and should be posting it this week. I haven't forgotten.

  2. Sorry to hear about your chronic pain, Anna. Hope that you find some relief. Have you tried AC Vinegar? Someone was telling me they had relief from arthritis pain with it. Spearmint surely tastes better though :)

    1. Thanks for the reminder! I have used the AC vinegar for a couple of other things such as indigestion, with great results, and in a cup of hot water, with honey, I actually love the taste. I just forget to try it for my arthritis. My dad swore by it. Not sure if it would help with the burning pain, I have not seen anything on that, but I won't know if I don't try it.


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