Friday, October 11, 2013

PHARMACY FRIDAY - My Accidental All Natural Diuretic

  Yes, I know Friday is nearly over, but it has been a rough 2 days,  yet I am determined that I am going to get Pharmacy Friday started back today!

This is one of those terrific things that I stumbled upon strictly by accident and I just have to share it with you all! It started out that I was going to write today about the diuretic properties of Cayenne Pepper, but as I dug deeper into my research, I made some fantastic discoveries and had to broaden this post. I also may embarrass myself a little, but since I think this could help so many people, I will push my pride aside.

For awhile, now, I have had 'spells' where I have to get up often during the night to go pee. Sometimes I only get up twice, but other times I am up nearly every hour. And I really hate that disruption in sleep! Then there are spells where I get a full nights sleep and don't have to totally rush in the morning to get to the bathroom. The other night, for the first time in a loooong time, I slept for 7 hours straight without ever having to get up to run to the bathroom. It was wonderful!!!

So... I decided to take an extra good look at my activity and diet to see if I could analyze what I might be doing differently from one time to the next. The one thing that was consistent with the nights that I wake up several times, barely able to 'hold it in' until I make the long trek to the bathroom, was my hot chocolate night cap. I have consistently noticed that on the nights I sleep all through the night, I haven't had my nightly not cocoa for a few nights. And oh, how do love to wind my day down with my hot chocolate as I check my messages and watch a show or two.

You might be wondering what could be so special about my hot chocolate that it could act as a strong diuretic. Well, I make my own hot chocolate, completely from scratch, AND, I have gotten totally addicted to putting several good sprinkles of powdered cayenne pepper into it. I had read somewhere, once, that adding it to hot chocolate would help with pain relief. I tried it and after a week, my nightly hip pain drastically eased up, but we will save that for another post. But even more, I loved the flavor!!!

So I was thinking, maybe Cayenne Pepper is also a diuretic. I did a little research and sure enough, it is a great diuretic! Turns out, it is a great diuretic (increasing urination), anti-inflammatory and helps to improve circulation, which would also help rid your body of excess fluid. There is some further great information on it HERE and HERE.

But I only put about 8 or 9 dashes of Cayenne powder in my hot cocoa, so I got to thinking that just that surely wasn't running the fluid off of me that well, so I decided to research each of the ingredients in my hot chocolate. Turns out, 3 of the other ingredients in my made-from-scratch hot chocolate also aid in eliminating excess fluid from the body!

Himalayan Salt - yes, the terrific flavor of hot chocolate is greatly enhanced by a dash of salt. And then, of course, there are those women like me that occasionally crave our salty chocolate (though I honestly do try and keep it at just a dash). Where commercially processed/created table salt makes your body's cells retain fluid and holds onto it, consuming natural, unprocessed salt (in a reasonable amount) actually regulates the fluids in your body's cells.

Next, we have Ceylon Cinnamon. No, I am not talking about the cheap stuff at the grocery store that we have come to believe is cinnamon but really isn't, but the actual, True Cinnamon. Lately I have also started adding a pinch of the Ceylon Cinnamon to my hot chocolate . . . kind of an Aztec Hot Cocoa. It is very good that way!!! I did a little digging on Ceylon Cinnamon and sure enough, it, too, is a powerful anit-inflammatory!!! Wow! You can read even more about it HERE.

And next we have our main ingredient, the one that makes my hot cocoa so yummy, Cocoa Powder. I don't mean that cheap, Dutch Cocoa powder stuff. I am talking the actual, 100% pure cocoa powder, such as Hershey's, the one loaded with natural antioxidants. This natural cocoa contains theobromine, which is a mild stimulant that has a great diuretic effect! Cocoa can be such a strong diuretic that if you aren't drinking enough water, you can dehydrate. Amazing! HERE is some more great reading on the subject.

Besides holding anti-inflammatory and diuretic qualities, each of these ingredients also has may other terrific health benefits. With all these fluid relieving ingredients in my nightly hot cocoa, it's a wonder I don't end up sleeping in the bathroom!  My accidental concoction seems to work every bit as good (maybe even better) than the Lasix I am supposed to be taking. I am now greatly relieved, though, to know that all my potty trips aren't due to something being wrong with me, but in fact, are due to something completely natural that I am consuming and actually helping to improve my health.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post. I hope you will get some benefit from it!


  1. Anna, can you share your homemade hot cocoa recipe? My mother used to make it from scratch, but used processed ingredients.

    1. Kristina, I don't mind sharing at all! But give me a day or two if you don't mind. I make mine by eye balling my measurements. I have made it so many times, I works nearly every time, but I don't have exact measurements written down. I will try to write them down the next couple of times I make it, then post it back on here.


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