Sunday, October 20, 2013


Fall has arrived and with it, lower temperatures.  no frost yet but it won't hold off much longer. Soon it will be time for a nice warm fire in the wood stove (I don't normally build a fire until after the first freeze).

My intentions were to finish clearing the fence row for the new goat pasture during the spring.  The firewood cut during the clearing process would have been well seasoned by now and more than sufficient for this winter.  By now, the goats would also be happily in their new pasture.

With the months of delay caused by my injury, illness and subsequent recovery, these things just did not happen.  Finally able to use the chainsaw for a couple of hours at a time (though very slowly),  I have begun the process of clearing the fence row and cutting some firewood.

The firewood is green, the clearing is slow and the whole process is frustrating.  Though these and many other projects are months behind, there IS a somewhat comforting up side.  Being a true tightwad, I believe saving time is as important as saving money, so doing the work of one project and making progress on two projects is like a two for one sale.  COOL HUH???


  1. Yes, twofers are Cool! We have not cut near enough good excuse for it either...hoping for a mild winter...

    1. Hoping for a mild one here too. The 2 ricks I have, won't even get started and I do so hate cutting wood in snow or cold mud.


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