Saturday, October 12, 2013

(AF) Yep, It's Saturday night in the Boonies!

Awwww.... The quiet of the country ..... NOT!!!

Once upon a time, a long time ago, it was peaceful and quiet on Saturday nights out here in the Boonies. Anyone wanting to cause a rukus went into town where 'the action was.' Those that stayed at home, kicked back and relaxed to the simple sounds of nature. Although I will admit, those frogs can get pretty darned noisy during the rainy seasons!! But even so, it was enjoyable, not a stressful noise.

Over the years, the aire, feel and attitudes out here have drastically changed! People aren't near so friendly and helpful. No one waves in passing, they are all too busy on their cell phones. A person under attack could scream their lungs out all day (and/or night) and no one would even consider coming to their aid, or check to see what was wrong. And those trouble-making thugs high spirited kids & young adults that used to go in to town to do all of their destruction partying, must not be able to afford the gas to get to town any more, because they seem to all be walking the roads out here after dark and causing all kinds of commotion.

   One of their favorite things to do is to tease my dogs. Now, teasing 7 grown Boxers just isn't one of the brightest things to do! No matter how tightly  you secure your dogs, an angry dog, on occasion, is going to find a way to get loose. And can these moronic idiots young people not figure out that this is going to happen and the dogs are going to jump them?! Can they not figure out that if they continually antagonize my dogs, the dogs are going to feel a threat to our property and protect it, and me, any way they can?!  Sheesh!!! But no!

The more I try to stop these spoiled brats neighbors kids (some now grown with their own little ones and including them in their games) from harassing my dogs, the more determined they are to harass, tease and antagonize them. Even bringing authorities into the picture doesn't stop them. They just get sneakier about it, so they think. And now, it seems to have become their Saturday night game. As I type, my dogs are barking like there was no tomorrow, at something going on at the front of my property, just outside the gate at the road. I  keep hearing young male voices, but it is really dark down there and with my tiny flashlight, I just can't see what is going on. Oh, how I want more than anything to just go down there, open up the gate, let a few of my sweet babies loose, and problem be solved! 

And so, I sit here once again on a beautiful Saturday night, tensed up, repeatedly running out the door to try and figure out what is going on that has my dogs so stirred up, spending a little time just sitting outside in the shadows trying to catch the monsters lil darlin's in their act, trying to figure out if there is anything at all that is within the law that I can do to put a stop to all this foul play, and longing for those quiet, peaceful Saturday nights I remember oh, so well when I first moved out here nearly 2 decades ago!


  1. I enjoy our dogs too. They do sometimes get stirred up at things I can't see either.

    1. Mine got stirred up just before dark last night and at first, I couldn't see what was exciting them so much. Then all of a sudden, 4 of the Boxers looked like jumping beans, eyes focused on the sky as they kept jumping up and grabbing at the air. Then I finally heard it. There were geese flying over in huge Vs! Those geese were so high up, but the dogs were still determined that they were going to catch them! It was the funniest thing, lol.

  2. Sorry to hear they are doing that to you and your dogs! I had a problem with my mail box some brats kept hitting it, taking it out of the ground etc for about four months, never could catch them! I ended up changing to a P.O box, you would think they could find something better to do with their time.....poor dogs

    1. That's terrible! It's a shame you couldn't catch them. Makes you wish you had the time so you could just lurk in the shadows for a few days until they are caught! And it makes it hard when you need to have something delivered, too. Most things won't deliver to a PO box.
      One of my friends is having problems with the boys next door destroying everything she plants in her flower beds. And they steal or destroy every decoration she puts out. I will never understand how anyone, kid or otherwise, can actually "enjoy" destroying people's belongings and and costing them money. And to think, that is our future!
      And thanks, they have really damaged my dogs' stress level and that upsets me more than any of it.


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