Tuesday, October 8, 2013


As you all know, I have not been able to be on here much for the past many months. Okay, about a year. And before that, I often had my hands full, computer was down, or various other things that periodically kept me away from this site for a brief spell from time to time.

When I was unable to get on here, one thing that really worried me was our Pharmacy Friday and our Tightwad Tuesday posts (and our Bread on Monday on our cooking blog). Well, I had the bright idea that when I got some time to spare (yes, that is rare), that I would go ahead and write them up, post them on here, then backdate them.

Yes, for those of you that have your own blogs, over there on the side of the compose page, where it says "Schedule" you can actually backdate your posts and put them into any year, any month, and on any day you want. I thought I would do this and fill in the gaps for those posts that were a series. But NO! That didn't exactly work as I had planned.

Yes, after I wrote up some posts, and backdated them under the Schedule, they did go just exactly where I wanted them to. BUT...... that wasn't all that happened. They went into people's blog reading list as though it has just been posted, which it had. And let me tell you posting about 3 Pharmacy Friday posts in a row on an odd day such as Monday, which all came up in the current feed (even though I had back dated them) looked pretty funny and got some raised eyebrows.  Yes, backdating them worked to get them all put exactly where I wanted them into our list of posts, in the correct order, but I could find no way to get them to not come up into the just posted posts at the same time.

So, until I figure a way around all that, there will just have to be some BIG gaps in our weekly series posts, darn it. Now that I am back on a better working computer, I would dearly love to go back and write up the posts for all those missing weeks, but I guess I will let it slide for now and pick up where we left off so we don't hear a lot of, "What in the world are they doing?!"

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