Monday, September 9, 2013


During the past couple of months, while I have been down with a bad foot, very little work has been done here on Dave's Farm.  Not only have things not progressed, nature has taken its course.  Un-mown lawns and un-worked gardens not only don't get better. they actually grow up. In this case, the grass has grown quite well and is now four to six feet high.

Yes, maintenance is right out the window here.  The worst of it is the garden.  It has been a perfect summer here for grass and it has really       gotten established.  In short, it has become a major reclamation project.
Reclamation has begun.  I am using a scythe to cut the tall grass, a little at a time as my recovery allows.  The work is very slow as I am still unable to walk well and can only stay on my feet for a short time before having to stop and rest awhile.  This process makes me feel a bit lazy and worthless, but I try not to say it too loud because Anna gets onto me for saying such things about myself.

Once the grass is cut and allowed to dry, it is being hauled in the wheelbarrow to the barn and stored for winter goat feed.  After the grass is hauled away from the garden, I am gradually tilling up the garden in preparation for planting a cover crop (probably winter peas this time).  When the garden is finished, the lawn can be reclaimed in the same manner, mowing the stubble when the tall grass has been removed.  A slow process, but a necessary one.

Reclamation and recovery will be slow.  The doctor told me last week that it will be at least two more months before I can return to my job, and from the way it feels, he is probably right.  I am having to move slow and only a little at a time, so it will take some time for both recovery and reclamation.

When I am finished with reclamation, I can then start catching up.  Thank goodness other things like building fence and farm buildings actually DO just sit there instead of having to be reclaimed. 

Wish me luck.


  1. Well, I guess the free hay is a small bright side to the story. I am glad to hear you are taking it easy, hopping around on one foot for the rest of your life would be no fun....

    1. Yes, the hay is a good bonus, though unexpected. The somewhat cooler and wetter weather this summer has kept it green and growing while I was down. Normally, it would have been mostly gone by now. As for taking it easy, I am taking it much too easy for my liking, but as you say, it is better than having only one foot.


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