Sunday, September 15, 2013


For the record, NO, I didn't grow these pumpkins.  I didn't even purchase them, or for that matter, carry them to the vehicle.  As much as I would love to take at least some credit for these cute little specimens, I simply can't.

This morning, as I sat quietly eating breakfast, the phone rang.  The number on the screen was not a familiar one so I hesitated.  Finally, I answered it, curious to see what kind of nut job would be calling at breakfast time on Sunday.

When I answered, the voice asked if I was Mr. Smith.  When I indicated that I was, he informed me that I had been selected to receive the "Great Pumpkin Award".  My reaction was a somewhat sarcastic one.  "Great Pumpkin Award?"  "SERIOUSLY??", I asked with no hesitation.

The laughter that came next, I recognized.  It was the brother-in-law type character on the next hill.  Turns out the rumors of him growing pumpkins this year were true, and I was invited to come and pick out a couple.

These are not the largest in the patch, but will serve nicely.  Honestly, I am not currently in shape to lift the largest ones, which are quite a bit bigger.

Anna and I had hoped to grow some of this type of pumpkin, but it is hard for a tightwad to justify the price of seeds for giant pumpkins (they are a bit pricey).  Now, we have plenty of seeds and the opportunity to test the quality of these pumpkins.  I'm sure they will taste great, and I can hardly wait to sample the "Great Pumpkin Award".


  1. I guess the only thing better than picking pumpkins in your own patch is getting them free from someone else's! Hope you enjoy your pies.

    1. Free is good, especially for a tightwad such as myself, but there is nothing like harvesting from your own garden. As for the pies, I am sure they will be delightful, as will the soup, fried pumpkin, pumpkin bread, etc. Pumpkins are more versatile than most people imagine, after all.

  2. Looks like I better get out those 2 extra big pic pans I have never gotten to use yet! I can hardly wait! And now, we finally have a few pumpkins of our own ready in the little patch planted here at Anna's Farm.

    1. From the looks of the pile of pumpkins (the big ones, the homegrown ones and a variety of others), we may need more than just the big pie pans. Thank goodness they keep well until opened.


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