Tuesday, July 23, 2013


HELLO to all of our wonderful and beautiful readers! No, we didn't get lost and we didn't forget about any of you. You are on our minds a lot, in very good ways. And we have certainly been missing talking with all of you.

This will have to be brief for today, but I will do my best (no promises) to get back on here this week and give you a much better (and way longer) update. It has been so crazy around here, it will probably take quite a few posts.

Dave has been without Internet for awhile, now. His was getting to where it just wasn't working out there in his neck of the sticks, and a newer, much better Internet system is coming to his area. (Fiber Optics)  He applied well over a month ago to have it put in, and he is still waiting. They talked like they would put it right in, but you know how that goes. They keep saying that they will lay his lines when they work over his way, but nothing, yet.

At the moment, though, Dave is too sick to stay up long enough to use his Internet. He is making great improvements but still on a scary edge.  He has at least 3 more weeks of being bed bound and on an IV, and he is so weak! Just a few minutes of being up and he has to go back to sleep for awhile. And let me tell you, Dave is NOT one to be kept down! This has been so emotionally hard on him, as well. I am so relieved, though, to finally be hearing some strength coming back into his voice.

If you all don't mind, we could really use all of your prayers for Dave's healing that we can possibly get. Here is a hug and a BIG Thank you in advance!!

I will do my best to get back on here and give you all a much better update and explanation later this week. Right now, I need to get off of here and tend to our garden. Fortunately, we had planted most of it over here at Anna's Farm this year, and now, with absolutely no helpers, it is taking every minute I have to tend to it. Going to have to water tonight. It has rained everywhere in the area this week, except out here. But I will have to move slowly as it is still near 100 degrees this evening, with a heat index well over 100 F, and I got up today not feeling very well. I am still praying and hoping hard for rain before the evening is out. We are going to need the bounty of this garden more than ever this year.

Love and miss you all! Hope life has been treating you all very well.


  1. Sorry to hear this, Anna. You have my prayers. Good luck with the garden!

    1. Thank you so much Mary! He is gaining a little strength back each day. And the garden finally got rained on tonight, which was such a blessing just in time! My body couldn't go any more to get it all watered today.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! They are definitely helping!
      I really will get back on here very soon and catch a lot up. Just as soon as I catch up a little bit of sleep. I have sooo many posts swimming around in my head just itching to get out and written down here.

  3. How is Dave doing, hope almost back to normal

    1. He is doing considerably better. We will know just how much better after his tests next week. Thank you all so much for the prayers, they are truly working! He got to take his first steps on his foot yesterday. He is in great pain from not being able to walk for over 2 months and then walking on that foot, but he is DETERMINED! And he was so happy to be able to walk around a little in his yard today.
      I really will get back on here very soon and catch up. I have been going far too many directions. I really am missing being here and reading everyone's blogs.
      In about 2 more weeks, Dave should finally have Internet again.


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