Sunday, June 2, 2013

(AF) 4-Wheelers.... GRRRRR.......!

I am sure they have their place on a farm. If I had one, I could find a gajillion uses for it around here, no doubt.

BUT .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

I have grown to DETEST 4-wheelers! They carelessley  run up and down our road at all hours of the day and night, usually at their top speed. They are so noisy and put wandering children and critters in great danger. And those donuts! I hate it when they put all those big ole round donuts in the gravel, making the already bad road extra hard to get down.

And tonight was one of those exceptionally bad nights. An entire herd of the viscous beasts began growling and running up and down my road at around 3 am. UGH!!! And people wonder why I hate them so much. An hour later they were still at it, making sure to periodically pause in front of my house, making extra noise and commotion.

On their last pass by I finally went out and laid on my car horn, giving them their only warning. My next stop was going to be to call the law, but fortunately, they quit. I really hate bothering the Sheriff's dept at this time of night for such a little thing, but this is really getting old.

NO, it isn't legal for them to be on the road at all, but they do. And I don't mind at all if they are using them for transportation to go from house to house out here. If you have one, it makes more sense than using your full size vehicle just to run down the road to a neighbor's house. But the abuse of them is very infuriating and gives all of them a bad name.

Right now, as I type, it sounds like they just moved over to another road. Maybe they will run out of gas soon or someone will hide their keys, One could hope!


  1. It does get aggravating, we live almost a half mile off the county road and I can still hear them! They also for some reason make donuts in front of my drive and this of course makes a few rough spots when getting out of my driveway. But they always run between 11:00pm and 3:00am for some reason.....we had a 4 wheeler we used on the farm a while back but traded it and got a Polaris best thing I ever did (looks like a tiny truck) I use it to fix fence, haul wood, rocks, I even pulled it close to the house last year and climbed in back and also with an extension I painted the house! :) I can't get past the third ring on a ladder for some reason....good it gets better for you! Have a good day

    1. Thanks! So far, today is going much better.
      It seems those 4-wheeler people are a breed of their own, all cloned off of the same mold, though I am sure there are a few good exceptions.
      That Polaris sound wonderful! It sounds like the little vehicle I saw at a Farm & Ranch store once and thought it was exactly what I needed for the farm. Going to have to look at one closer, now. Sounds terrific!

  2. I know what you mean, we get them too, and we get snow mobiles in the winter. I've been on one before, and they are actually too easy to tip over or roll backwards.

    1. They look like they would be easy to tip or roll. I am always seeing them on the side of the road / in the ditch, over on their side, upside down, etc. with 2 or 3 people standing next to them scratching their heads! LOL
      I haven't been one, yet, and originally thought I might want to just to try it once, but not so sure now.
      I hadn't thought of the snow mobiles being just as bad. We don't get enough snow here for that. They just do the 4-wheelers year 'round. I bet the snow mobiles get pretty noisy, too.


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