Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TIGHTWAD TUESDAY - Dinner for Two for Under $5

Yes, we are very late with this post today, but that is because we had to live it, before we could post it.

It is no secret that finances are a real struggle right now, but then it is for a growing number of the population these days. We are both extra careful with how much we spend on food, while still trying to eat nutritiously, and we never dine out any more (for reasons of cost and food chemicals). Every now and then, though, it isn't about just the quick bite to eat without having to cook, but about the dining experience together, unrushed time together, relaxed time together, a break from the daily mundane, an actual date.

With us both having had a stomach bug, we decided we wanted something light, like soup. There is a little hole-in-the-wall, private owned Chinese restaurant that I absolutely love, right on our errand route. We don't eat Chinese very often because it is usually laden with MSG, but I have never had a reaction to anything that I have eaten at this restaurant and we enjoy the once in a blue moon treat. This evening, we decided that a bowl of their soup sounded like just the thing. It is usually a pretty calm, quiet atmosphere there, and very reasonably priced, too. 

Dave ordered a bowl of their Egg Drop soup and a couple of Egg Rolls. I also ordered the Egg Drop soup and a large bowl of rice. Their bowls of soup are generously sized and come with a large package of crunchy rice noodles. I love those noodles... I could sit and munch on them all day!  My rice was steaming hot, light and fluffy with some kind of leafy green vegetable cooked in with it. With a little soy sauce splashed over it, it was yummy! Fortune cookies were included with the meal for dessert. We both just got water to drink. Theirs is filtered and very good (and free).

So, we had two large bowls of Egg Drop soup, two large packages of crispy Rice Noodles, two Egg Rolls, a large bowl of steamed Rice, two Fortune Cookies, great tasting water, and plenty of condiments to pour over everything (including bowls of fresh made sweet and sour sauce). It was an absolutely wonderful meal, a great, relaxing environment, and best of all, great company. We ordered at the register, but they even served us at our table!

The total cost for our entire dining experience . . . . . . $4.94! Yes, that was for both of us together, not each of us. I am so ready to go again, but then, I am also curious to see what other Tightwad meal we can come up with next. We will be sure and let you know.

What bargain dining experiences and ideas can you share with us?

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