Thursday, January 3, 2013


I don't have a television set up. I find it to be a HUGE distraction from my creativity and works, so when the switch to that 'little box' came about, I never switched over. I simply left my TV off and used that as the turning point to break away from watching so much television. I found that even if I had the TV on for just the 'white noise' as I went about my daily work, something on it would always catch my eye (or ear) as I walked past and before you knew it, I was sitting there watching for who knows how long, work setting undone.

There are; however, a few shows that I like to watch. And those shows are great to keep me occupied while I am working on my knitting or crocheting. Although I don't like a lot of the modern day technology, I do love being able to pull up the shows that I do like, at any time that I want (need), on my computer. It is wonderful to be able to watch them when the time is convenient for me and I can even pause them if I have to get up to tend to something, then go back and pick right up where I left off. When the grids eventually go down, that is one of the few things that I will actually miss.

Amongst the few shows that I really enjoy watching are shows like the CSIs, the Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Revenge, and NCIS. I was really bummed out the other day when it was too cold to do much of anything except sit bundled up close to the fire and knit, but those shows seem to have taken a break for the Holidays and no new ones were on. Then I decided to jump on over to Hulu and see if, just for kicks, I could pull up any of the ones that I watched in my youth.

I was so happy to find that there were several on there! I watched a few episodes of the old Emergency show, then I found Adam-12. Oh, how I use to love that show! I liked it even better than most shows because each of the incidents were actual cases. Actual cases ..... as I now watch that show, and keep that in mind, I am thrown by how the people on that show (and us viewers back then), were horrified at the crimes that were committed back then, yet those crimes committed today are viewed as something small and trivial. *shakes head*

If you look back at the shows that were popular during that time frame, you might be surprised to see that the "subject matter" of the shows that were so popular back then (Hawaii 5-0, Emergency, Adam-12, Rockford Files, Dragnet, etc), is basically the same as that of many that are on the air today. The BIG difference, though, is in the level of the crime the shows center around then, vs now. Back then, we watched the content of those shows with the "Oh, my gosh! That is horrible!" attitude. Now we go back and watch them with the, "Ah, that's nothing." attitude. And THAT is sad and scary!!!! Now, we watch today's much more violent crime shows with the same level of fear and disgust as we did the much milder ones back then. That speaks volumes for the way we, as a society, have allowed ourselves to become conditioned into down playing and even blowing off certain levels of crime, while being able to watch shows today such as Criminal Minds, then go right on to bed and sleep soundly, levels of crime that, once upon a time, would have given us hard chills and nightmares for weeks to come (just from one show)!

Those old shows were also much cleaner than today's shows. If some of the statements, and even innuendos, of today's prime time crime shows were expressed in those old shows, the insulted citizens of America would have taken a stand and the show would have been pulled off the air followed by an apology. I am truly enjoying the advancements of technology in that I can pull up a show at any time I want and enjoy it while I work on my knitting, but as I am enjoying all of those advancements, it has really brought to light the downward fall of our society, the drastic drop in our morals and increases in the acceptance of crimes that, though once deemed a big thing, are now viewed as trivial. Even more than I fear being hit with one of today's increasingly violent and gory crimes, I fear where this is all going. Looking back at those old crime shows, then looking at today's crime shows, I get physically ill at the thought of what the ones 20 years from now will be like. But maybe that won't happen. Maybe the grids will go down by then and we will all be living the Little House lifestyle once again. Wouldn't that be nice!


  1. I can't watch any of those crime shows, but, I like HGTV and all those DIY shows. I'm much more inclined to read, which I am convinced wastes even more time! Hope all is well in your world!

    1. Hello, Mary! It is so good to hear from you!
      I forget about HGTV! I need to see if I can get any episodes online. I like to watch some of those, too. Isn't that the one that was building/giving away houses now and then? If so, are they still doing that?
      Reading is never wasting time because you are usually learning something from it, which is never wasted time. I use to be a bookworm, but then I started doing so much reading on here. I should really pick up a regular book now and then, again.
      My world is kind of bumpy right now, but I am hanging in there. I truly hope all is well in your world and your year is getting off to a great start!

    2. I do think they build or remodel one each year to give away. I think you can register to win on their website. We're all trying to get over a nasty cold here and I'm missing my mom. She died Dec 21. She was 85 and passed away peacefully in her sleep, so there is some consolation from that. Plus this cold weather isn't helping much! But I shouldn't complain, at least this good freeze will get rid of some of those garden bugs!

    3. I watch tv on the computer as well. No Tv in this house and I think its better for the kids. I think in old crimes society was different. people still thought ( used their imagination)and knew moral values. Now it is the shock theory,the more shocking the better. More nudity the better. It sells!! people don't have the think it out, because it unfolds graphically in front of them.

    4. Mary, I will have to check that out, thanks! I use to register for that, but forgot all about it when my regular computer broke and it wasn't on my more visible links anymore. I hope you all get over your cold quickly! We can sure sympathize with you... Dave is trying to get over his and I got up with it this morning. Mine went directly into another sinus infection.
      I am so sorry to hear about your mother!! Any time we lose a loved one is bad, but so close to Christmas is exceptionally hard. My heart and prayers go to you and all of yours.

      Marilyn, I wish I had gotten rid of my TV much sooner, when my kids were growing up. We had TVs all over the house in that day and time, and sometimes I do regret it, now. But I did put strict limits on the amount of time they watched it, one hour on weekdays and 2 on weekends, or save up a couple of days to watch a movie.
      I think you are so right with the shock theory, and the way TV portrays it on the shows doesn't help. While I was crocheting some laundry bags the other night, I was watching an old episode of Emergency. Some woman came in with her hand all bandaged up because she had gangrene set in. As they were taking the last of the wrappings off, they cut the camera away. Now a days, they gory it up as much as they can, showing it all to get the shock. And yes, I have noticed that in the old shows their bodies were covered up so much better, and wore proper professional attire. And yes, when people commit the crimes today, they are wanting to get the thrill of being able to shock someone, more than anything. I have even heard someone say that! Although I know it is all going downhill today, going back and watching those old shows with attention to detail, has really brought some realizations to light, realizations about life today that I absolutely don't like. It seems people had a lot more ambition back then, too.

  2. I do have a TV, but I agree on the level of violence, and crime they now post. Some shows (and movies that can be rented) should be rated X.

    1. Kristina, I so agree! And some of the commercials, too!

      You know, I have been trying to put my finger on why I have been enjoying watching these old shows so much the second time around, during my knitting time, and it finally dawned on me yesterday, they are in color! When I watched them the first time around, my family not only owned just one TV then, but it was black and white. I was almost grown before I saw a color TV (a senior in high school). This is the first time I am seeing them in color, lol. When those older crime shows were first out, more people had black and white sets than did color, so showing the gore really didn't have any affect. But with the newer, enhanced color and the giant screens so many people have, it makes it easier for the producers to cash in on people's desire for the shock factor, be it gore or nudity.
      And on one of the shows, I got a kick out of seeing the large shelf filled with all of the employees individual ceramic coffee cups just above the sink, where they each washed and reused their own cups instead of tossing one disposable right after another to fill up the landfills.


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