Tuesday, December 4, 2012

(D♥A) New Commenting Form

A few weeks ago we changed the template that our blog was set to. As we did, it also changed the commenting form (yes, we did this on purpose as we like this one better). Now, you can comment in TWO ways.

You can comment to a post as you normally do... individual comments. PLUS, you can now also "reply" specifically to the comments that are already made. If you simply want to make a comment regarding the post, either click on the word "comments" so that the post with the comment form comes up, or, if it is already up, then simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and begin typing in the comment box.

If you would like to reply, add to, or comment on a comment that someone else has made, look directly under that specific comment for the word "reply". Click on "reply" and a new box will come up so that you can reply to that specific comment. When you make a comment in this way, after you post yours, it will come up under the comment you were replying to.

I hope I am not making this sound complicated, as it is really easy. Once you are there on a page, you will see what I mean and it will all make perfectly good sense. If you have any problems, or your comment ends up where you don't want it, that is no problem. You can always ask me to delete it so that you can repost it. I don't mind at all.

I love this commenting form much better. It makes conversation amongst our readers much easier (and we LOVE comments!) But we are open to all feedback from you, our readers, regarding our changed commenting form. Thank you!

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