Saturday, December 1, 2012

Amazing Weather!

Today is December 1st and it dawned very unseasonably warm and beautiful! It feels and smells like a typical, mid spring day. How unusual!!! As I type this post, it is already about 65°F. The prediction is that it will be 75°F before the day is out. It wouldn't surprise me if the day gets even warmer than that.

The birds are chirping and singing with a cheerfulness I haven't heard in a long  while. The musky fragrance of garden-time earthiness fills the air. The sun is shining with only an occasional cloud, the dogs are excitedly romping around, the cats are frisking about, and the goats are busy grabbing up every little green morsel that is trying to poke through the ground.

It would be an absolutely marvelous day to take off and go camping and/or fishing! That temptation is just almost too much to resist, but resist it must be. Dave is sick and has been for awhile now (one of the biggest reasons you haven't seen one of his posts lately). We think he is on the mend end of things, but he is just so tired. We are hoping that a few beautiful days like today is just what he needs to finish healing up. I have it, too, but not nearly so badly. It's just that time of year when we all seem to be passing all of those bugs around.

It will be a most beautiful day for the Flea Market, though! Which is why I must get off of here now and get going. I am hoping everyone heads out there to shop instead of yielding to the urge to run out to the lake, but I couldn't blame them. I am excited.... we don't get many December days like this. And we are suppose to get a few of them in a row! Amazing! I can think of a gajillion things to do on a day like today! What would you be doing with a sudden, gorgeous, warm spell?

Gosh, it's such a glorious day! You have a most wonderful day, too!


  1. Hello!!! Your weather sounds a lot like ours, except we don't have the sun. It is strange weather, and I'm afraid things are going to start budding if Old Man Winter doesn't return.

    I hope you and Dave continue to feel better, and I hope you enjoy your weekend!! Take care!!

    1. Hello, Kim! Good to hear from you! Gosh, I wasn't thinking about stuff budding out, but now that you mention it, that is a scary thought. The clouds did move in here for awhile today, but it stayed warm and the sun came back out later. Now it is a clear sky beautifully splashed with stars. I had to take a few minutes to enjoy them tonight. It is 3am right now and still 67 degrees F! Unbelievable! I am beginning to think I should be planting something.
      Thank you so much for the well wishes! You all have a great weekend, too!

    2. Your blog is giving me a hard time posting!
      Nice to hear you have nice weather for this time of year. We had January weather last week. C-O-L-D! but today is above freezing and wet. Rain, rain, rain. I am not complaining though as a lot of housework gets done when it rains. I am getting my mending done.
      I hope Dave is feeling better soon. A sick man is an unhappy household! My experience anyway.

    3. Simplicity, what is it doing? (as to giving you a hard time posting)
      The weather here is still nice and holding out, but only for a few more days. I understand about the housework. Mine is behind as I have been outside a lot in the nice weather. It is just too unusual to not get out and enjoy... just wish we could get the time to go out camping or fishing to truly enjoy it.
      LOL, Dave is steadily improving, but looks like it is going to take awhile. Would help if he could get some more sleep.


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