Friday, December 7, 2012

(AF) My Poor Stove!

My electric cook stove has been in bad shape for awhile, now, but I just keep limping it along. Actually, the cook top hasn't even worked in about a dozen years, so I have been cooking on a double burner hotplate all of this time. In the middle of winter I use my wood burning stove that I heat my house with, but the rest of the time, it is just that old hotplate.

The oven isn't much better. When I was divorcing and temporarily moved out, my ex let the mice take over and they tore most of the insulation out of the oven. (my cats did a great job getting rid of the mice) So now it doesn't heat very evenly. Add into the mix, the springs have broken on the door of that ancient oven and the only way it will stay closed is if I wedge the door shut with a mop handle. Looks pretty funny, but it works. One day, though, I didn't get it wedged good, the door flopped open, hit something I had temporarily setting on the floor in front of the oven, and shattered the outside pane of glass into a jillion pieces! The inner pane of glass is still in the door, but even more heat escapes, now.  There is a positive side to this. On chilly nights when I don't want to fire up the wood stove, if I bake my dinner, it takes the chill out of the house at the same time! The challenges of my oven gets even better. It is so old, that all of the numbers on the nobs have worn off. Yep, I have no idea what temperature I am setting it to when I turn it on.

But tonight, my challenges grew. The nob broke off of that old hot plate! Yep, it just snapped right off. Now, it does have two sides, a large plate and a small plate, and the nob is still on the small plate, but that small plate is nearly worthless. It is good for melting butter and warming water, but that is about it. So now, no nob on my large plate, the part that I do all of  my cooking on. But the good news is, the nob broke off while the burner was on! It appears it was on high, too, which is good, because that is the only setting at which it will cook anything. So now I have two settings for my hotplate... unplugged for off, and plugged in for high. At least, it is still working. I just have to make sure and remember to unplug it each time I use it. I guess it is all in how you look at things. I could complain that I no longer have a working stove top. I could complain that the nob broke off of my hot plate. But I am not. I am REALLY THANKFUL that I have a hot plate, it still works and I can still cook just as well on it.

Maybe it is time I should put forth more effort in more natural, alternative, self-sustainable cooking. As winter moves in, I will be cooking on top of my wood stove, and inside of it in my tiny little Dutch ovens. Maybe by the time warmer weather comes back, we can build that outdoor kitchen I have always dreamed of having. Then I wouldn't even need that ancient electric stove any more and I would save tons on my electric bill!


  1. Actually this story is kind of funny when you sit down with a cup of tea and think about it!! Okay I know your not laughing...because it is reality for you. Can you take the knob of the small hotplate and put it on the large one? How about masking tape to make a marking on the oven knobs for temperature gage? Just a thought. You know I do without so much too. Living with Less is what I call it but it get discouraging mostly because we know there are better things out there, we just can't have it right now. I have a friend who has it all, beautiful magazine cover home with all the bells and whistles. She comes here and sees me vacuuming with a Shop Vac and no beater head, just the hose and I'm on my hands and knees vacuuming and she gets so mad at me and says "Just get a cheap vacuum cleaner". My response is I have a vacuum cleaner and it works! Of course she has no kids and no long hair. Shop vacs get all that long hair.

    Well thank goodness for wood heat huh! You'll be pioneering like some of us do. It could be worst. You could have no heat.

    Would love to see your accommodations sometime. Takes some snaps so we can see.Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm.

    1. LOL, I guess it could be funny in an odd sort of way. I have learned to laugh at a lot of things over the years as finding the humor in any bad situation really helps get through it with the least amount of stress.
      That was a great idea on the nobs, but it didn't work, I had tried it. First, the one that broke, broke off way inside. There wasn't anything left, not even a stem. The one that still works, it is fastened on tight. I don't know how they did it, but they ONLY way to get it off is to break it off!
      The masking tape is a great idea, thanks! I may try that. At the moment, I have used White Out to make a thin line where I think 350°F. is, lol. (the most common used temp). I can kind of gauge everything else from that.
      I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at your shop vac story. Sounds good to me! We do the best we can with what we have, and sometimes we find even better ways that way. (Makes you wonder how many products actually came about that way, you know it). People criticize me for my clunker of a car, but I tell them that it is still moving, I don't have a car payment, and then I tell them how little my car insurance is and their mouth drops. I don't have to work overtime as some corporate puppet so that I can pay another corporate an inflated car payment, and yet another corporate an outlandish insurance price.
      Okay, I better quit before I really get going, lol. So glad you enjoyed the post. I will work on those pics. Hope you are having a safe and warm week!


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