Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Followed Blogs Disappearing

I realized today that some of the blogs that we follow and have listed/linked to on our site, have disappeared. I know one was due to it having been moved to another platform, but still, I don't think the address changed so it should have still been up. As for the rest, I have no idea what happened. WE HAVE NOT REMOVED ANY BLOGS FROM OUR FOLLOWING LIST!

In my hustle and bustle of late, jumping on here for a quick few minutes (when I have them) and back off, I had wondered why I hadn't seen any posts from a couple of people in awhile. I had just assumed that they, too, had gotten pretty busy. But today I had a few minutes to catch up just a little on some blog reading and that is when I noticed that they weren't there at all. I am now trying to re-add everyone, so if you knew that your blog had been listed at the bottom of our page as blogs that we follow, or that we signed up to follow on your site and you aren't there now, PLEASE LET US KNOW!  I truly hope that I don't miss getting anyone back on here. Thank you soooo much for your patience, and I hope whatever 'glitch' caused this never happens again.

Have A Great Day! 


  1. Yea, I'm glad!
    I think it had something to do between Blogger accounts and Google+ accounts. One person I learned had moved over to another blogging platform, but the rest were puzzling. I think I have it all back to 'normal' now. Thanks!


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