Thursday, November 1, 2012

(D♥A) A Busy October

Whew! Have Dave and I ever been busy! Between broken computers (yes, sometimes Dave's has been down, too), the extreme heat of the summer, heavy drought, and a handful of other time consumers, Dave and I just haven't managed to find the time to write. Odd thing is, it is during those times that you actually have the most to write about!

Throughout the month of October, Dave worked an additional part-time job on the weekends, in addition to his regular full-time job. (Plus, there was all the ordinary farm stuff to take care of at Dave's Farm, too.) But the good part in all of that was that the part-time job was not far from Anna's Farm, so mixed in there, we got to spend a little bit more time together. Granted, we were both far too tired to make good use of the time, but we really enjoyed getting to spend some wind down time together. (It will be so much nicer when we eventually get both farms completely combined!)

One Friday night, a few weeks ago, we sat out in my front yard (Anna's Farm) and watched the sky as a storm rolled in. Fortunately that storm never hit (because it looked like it was pretty viscous), but we really enjoyed watching (together) it rolling in and back out. We were both exhausted, and I had spent the day getting ready for the flea market the next day, so it was a very enjoyably, relaxing and calming evening. 

But the next morning, the rains did come, the flea market was closed, and we took advantage and caught up on some much needed sleep (which we could both, once again, use some more of, now). And oh, how we have needed the rain! The Fall rains came and pulled us out of the drought, but it is beginning to get dry again. It seems so strange talking to our friends and family over in the New York area, and listen to them talking about all of the heavy flooding and extreme devastation, while we are standing here looking at everything around us beginning to wilt back down again (everything that hasn't frozen, that is).

We hope that life is finding you all well and we are doing our best to get back on here regularly, posting and catching up on all of the blogs we follow. We miss you all!


  1. Glad to read that you're getting to spend time together. That's the most important thing. Everything else will work out for you. It just takes time and teamwork. Sylvia

    1. Thank you so much! We sure needed the confidence boost! You are so right, it just gets hard not to get down and discouraged sometimes, when things start looking so impossible.
      Thank you again for following our blog. We look forward to more of your helpful comments!

  2. Always good to hear from you. Great picture! We have just had a week of rain adn today it is snowing. I was out there early this morning removing leave vegetables from the garden. Now I have to clean them and cook them up. We always know the snow is coming, it is just the guessing game as to when. I would like a little dry spell to gather the leaves and cut down the raspberry canes. but will have to take what we get.

    1. Thanks!!!
      Brrrr.... I'm not ready for snow at all! We haven't had any yet, here, but it keeps trying to. At the moment, it is nice and warm... windy, but warm. We had a couple of cold snaps and Dave's garden is all gone, but I still have a few things that are producing. Then East of us, they are buried in HEAVY snow. It was good to hear from you! I am trying to get back on here more regular. Next step will be to catch up reading everyone else's blogs. Stay warm!


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