Tuesday, September 18, 2012

(D♥A) Wonderful Time Together

Dave and I have not had near enough time together, lately. It seems all we have been doing is work... work.... WORK. It has taken every drop of time and energy we could muster just to try and stay ahead of the drought, which we didn't manage to always do.

But Dave and I got to spend most of Friday and Saturday together. It rained the biggest part of that time, which was wonderful in several ways. The best one was, everything at both of our farms got watered and we didn't have to spend hours on end watering. That meant more together time for us. Love Emoticons  And because of all the rain, the flea market was closed, so I couldn't open up. Yes, I could have used the sales, but on the other hand, I didn't lose any sales because anyone that would have purchased anything will probably be out next weekend. So that was even more time we got together.

We had a couple of somewhat heavy spells of rain, but most of it was a very gentle, soaking rain. After such a hot, dry summer .... extreme drought ...... it was a most BEAUTIFUL sight! We spent a lot of time sitting out in it just talking and soaking up some of the rain ourselves. Isn't it funny how most people associate a rainy day with it being a bad day, yet on that day, we thought it was one of the most beautiful days we had seen in a long time. We thoroughly enjoyed it, rain and all (especially the rain) and got to spend a lot of time doing some much needed talking and planning for our future.

Over the course of the two days we also got in some shopping time .... mostly groceries. I never knew shopping with a man could be so enjoyable! Of course we found tons of things that we badly wanted and couldn't afford, but we felt so very blessed that we were able to get what we simply needed.

We also splurged just a little on a sweet treat. I got some candy bars that were on sale. Then Dave found some chocolates in a brand that we had come across and tried last month and fell completely in love with. The brand is Sweet Obsessions and is a rare find in that it is wonderful chocolate at a very reasonable price. Last month we had tried their Milk chocolate bars and their Dark chocolate bars and they were pure HEAVEN! Some people have "our song", some have "our dance" .... well, we have "our chocolate". This one was heart shaped chocolates wrapped in golden foil. Inside the chocolate hearts was a soft, caramel-like filling infused with the smoothest coffee flavor. when you bit into one of the hearts, it was instant delicious .... then ..... the already heavenly flavor just kept growing and growing and growing, getting ever better by the second. I've never eaten a candy like it. But it was no wonder I liked it so much.... Although it is distributed here in the US, it was made in Poland. As someone that is mostly a mix of Polish/Ukrainian it was perfect for my taste buds. We will definitely be getting more of it!

Dave also got the tree cut off of my fence (my neighbor's dead tree had badly crushed my fence), patched the fence so my dogs won't get out, and cut up the tree for firewood. Isn't he terrific? We had also planned on going fishing and made it as far as getting the poles in Dave's car, but we never made it to the river. Maybe we can do that next time. There are just never enough hours to squeeze in everything that we want to do together. But we are hoping to get to go fishing soon and put away some fish for winter.

It was a most wonderful two days together and, although we get to talk often by phone throughout the day (that is, when those blasted electronic devices decide they want to work), it just isn't the same as quality, unrushed, non-working time together.   Love Ya, Dave!!!


  1. I totally understand about the "blasted electronic" you talk about. Ha ha ha! When hubby and I took our last night away, my 10 yo texted me with things like "I'm bored" and "I'm going to bed now" and "I'm up now" - ha ha ha!

  2. Kristina, that is too funny! I do believe cell phones are 'smothering' people now. Remember when we went away, gave the name and number of the hotel we would be at and said, "Call if there is an emergency."?

    It irritates a few of my friends and family members to no end that I had text REMOVED from my phone. LOL Life is so much more peaceful that way!


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