Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tears Of Joy!


It Rained! It Rained! It Rained!   Yeeeee Haaaaawwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This afternoon the sun was shining brightly. The predicted high had been about 79° F. (I figured I would believe that when I saw it), but of course, it made it to near 90°.F. Then all of a sudden the clouds drifted in, the thunder began to deeply roll, rumble and shake the ground, then the sky opened up and the rain poured out. I can't possibly tell you what a BEAUTIFUL sight it was!!!! Great, big, giant, enormous drops of rain.... loads of them! It rained hard for a little bit, changed over to a moderate, garden variety shower, then a light, soaking drizzle for awhile after that. I don't think it could have been more perfect!

It came too late for many of my veggies, but many others are already perking up. I am hoping and praying that they aren't too far gone and that today's rain will burst most of them back into growth and production. Oh, how I want a big mess of fried okra on my plate!!! And fried zucchini, and fresh salad, and, and, and..... well, I have really missed my fresh veggies this season.

I just checked the weather and they say we have an even better chance of rain tomorrow. (happy dance, happy dance)  It will interfere with the flea market, of course, but that is OKAY. We need the rain even more and, with as badly as sales have been at the market lately, it will be far more cost effective, at this point, to miss a day for my garden to survive and produce. They even said our high tomorrow will only be 70°F! WOW!!!! After last week's 105°.F, that is an enormous drop!  Plus, varying degrees of rain chances over the next 4 days.

Maybe I will get a good mess of fresh veggies yet, this year.


  1. Yeah for Rain! I sure missed it this summer, too. Our area here was declared "exceptional drought", but once the rain started, the grass turned green in a week and all the plants took off. I hope that your garden does the same.

  2. Thanks, Mary... that is so encouraging! That would be absolutely wonderful if it all greened back up that fast!


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