Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Meet My New Granddaughter!

While I was away from here, I got a new granddaughter! She was born to my oldest daughter the first week of July. Isn't she adorable!?

Mother and daughter both had a bit of a rough time getting here, with a little trouble following, but both are doing very well, now. I am definitely the proud Grandma! (Grannie Annie, to be exact)

She was grand baby number 6, my 4th granddaughter. Then, I learned last week that grand baby number 7 is on the way! My oldest son just learned that he is going to be a daddy again (his third). Aren't grandkids terrific!

Have A Beautiful and Blessed Day!


  1. Congratulations!!

    I found you on a different blog, but thought I would stop by!

  2. So precious! Congrats to both you and you're daughter. Grandkids are the best!

  3. They are wonderful. I am really happy to hear from you again and to see a picture as well! I was worried you left the scene of blogland but Dave says computer glitches. I have been on holidays. That is right second holiday in 29 years of marriage, just got home with a humm dinger of a cold. Eating my honey!

  4. Theresa, Thank you! And I am so glad you stopped by! I do hope you found your visit enjoyable and stop back by again, soon.

    Mary, Thank you, too! Yep, they are wonderful!

    Simplicity, I am glad to be back here! Though it will still be limited until I get my desktop fixed. It is still on the fritz and I am still having to use this old dinosaur, but at least it is a dependable dinosaur. I am so glad you got to get away! If anyone ever needed it, it was you. I am really sorry you have a cold, though. The honey should certainly help. Remember the hot herbal teas, too, especially ginger root tea with the honey stirred in. I am looking forward to doing some catching up with you. Prayers that you feel better quickly!


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