Friday, June 29, 2012


 Hello, Everyone! W do hope it isn't as hot where you are as it is here where we are. We also hope everyone is doing well.

We thought we better take a moment to make a short post to tell you all where we have been. My computer is broken  (on a dinosaur of a laptop at the moment) and Dave has been working long, hard hours. Plus, any spare moment either of us have is being spent watering, watering, WATERING, animals, plants and veggies. It has been over 100* F. for the past week, no rain, and no relief in sight. So we are pretty much in survival mode at the moment. Some plants are holding (not growing, really, just holding) and some are literally frying no matter how much water we put on them. Sorry to say, we weren't expecting this and it caught us off guard.

We greatly apologize for being away and for missing so many of our weekly posts. We will be back just the second everything settles down a bit and hopefully get in a few short posts before then, but we make no promises, as it is pretty crazy at the moment. We would also like to extend an extra big WELCOME and THANK YOU to our newest member that joined while we have been away dealing with all of our crazies.

You know.... it's funny ...... it seems that when we are so tied up with life that we can't get on here to blog... that is the time we have the most and most interesting material to blog about! We will be back soon and try our best to catch up on everything.

May you have a very WONDERFUL and BLESSED weekend!!!!

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  1. I wonder where you had been. Thought perhaps very busy. Like you said busy time of the year.


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