Friday, May 18, 2012

PHARMACY FRIDAY - Fluoride, Where It Comes From, & Unknowingly Medicated

Fluoride . . . . . . I can't believe they put this stuff in a pill and give it to our kids!

Fluoride - a binary compound of fluorine with another element. It is a neurotoxic chemical that is cumulative.

Over the past several years I have broken quite a few bones. Sometimes, only enough pressure that would normally only cause bruising ,would result in a break or a fracture. I went to several doctors trying to find the cause and they all just said that each and every break was a 'coincidence'. I had bone density tests done and they all came back great... actually.... they came back better than great. They showed that my bones were actually 10 years younger than I actually am. So I asked them how that could be if I kept breaking things. COINCIDENCE

I was not going to believe that it was coincidence. Something just wasn't right. It just isn't normal to break/fracture bones that often. I couldn't get any answers from any medical persons, so I set out on my own to research, dig deep, and find some answers. EVERYTHING I read, that pertained to my symptoms and breaks, pointed to fluorosis. So I decided to dig even deeper, because although everything pointed to that being what my problem was, I didn't think it was possible for me to have ingested much of it.Here is what I found:

First, I learned that my drinking water was loaded with it. I had no idea! I was always told that ours didn't have any in it. When I contacted the chemist at our local water treatment plant (And let me tell you, it was some work getting a reply from him!) I learned that fluoride had been being added to our drinking water for over 30 years. He said that the records didn't go any farther back than that, so he couldn't tell me how long ago they actually started adding it. When I asked what kind of fluoride was being added, I learned that only a very small percentage was the natural kind, and the rest was the kind from manufacturing waste!  I drink LARGE amounts of water, especially in the summer, so it appears I had ingested enough over my lifetime that my bones had finally started paying the price (an probably other parts of my body as well).

In general, there are two types of fluoride that are used in our water systems. The first is the naturally occurring fluoride calcium fluoride. Although still toxic in large amounts, it isn't nearly as toxic as chemically produced fluoride.  Most water plants either don't use this one, or only small amounts of it because it is costly to obtain.

The second is sodium fluoride. It is a synthetic waste product, usually coming from the chimneys of  plants for the aluminum, nuclear, and fertilizer industries. Usually, it is used just as it comes out of the chimneys with no further processing (YUCK!). This form of fluoride, the one MOST commonly used in our water supplies, toothpastes, dental fluoride treatment, and those little fluoride pills that are given to your children, is one of the most toxic forms. It can cause an horrifyingly array of serious health issues, including my brittle bones. Why is this type so commonly used? Because it is extremely costly for plants to dispose of it and super cheap for companies to purchase. So they dispose of it in our water supplies!

Does it really help with our teeth? I don't think so, and some studies show that it actually weakens them. Many, many year ago, a study was done on a small group of young children using the natural form of fluoride. Although many studies have since shown results to the contrary that meager study concluded that it helped their teeth, so from that, we began to be doused with fluoride.  Independent studies have shown otherwise, but if these were taken into consideration, then dumping all that toxic waste would be far too difficult and expensive.

A "safe" amount of fluoride in our drinking water has been set (though I don't believe any is safe), but they aren't taking into account the many other places we get fluoride in addition to just the water we drink throughout the day, or that some people drink more than others. As I began to look at all the places I was getting fluoride from, I was surprised because I was thinking of just mostly from my water that I drink. Setting aside the naturally occurring fluoride we receive (such as from green tea and other foods and beverages), we take it in from far more places than we realize. Of course, it is in many toothpastes (I now make my own) and our drinking water.We cook our foods with that nasty tap water, which adds fluoride to our foods. We water our gardens with that tap water, which absorbs fluoride up into the veggies and fruits we eat. We purchase foods and beverages that have been processed with fluoridated water (if it just says "water" on that ingredient list, chances are it is fluoridated municipal water. Even if it says 'purified' water, it may have fluoride in it). It is also being added to many of the medications that we take (We can read the ingredients to look for it, but that doesn't help for prescription medications). Over time, this all quickly adds up! Then, add in that we may take in large amounts simply from bathing. As we bathe, our pores open up and let the fluoride absorb. The warmer the bath, the longer we are in it, the more of the toxin we take into our bodies. A long, hot bath can bring quite a bit of the nasty stuff into our bodies!

So, what type of fluoride is used in those tasty, chewable tablets that are being forced onto our precious children? Why, SODIUM FLUORIDE, of course! It is also added to many children's VITAMIN TABLETS! The USDA has never approved the use of fluoride tablets for our children and actually considers fluoride a toxin. This is scary. I would not want to hand my child a tablet to eat that came from the chimney of an industrial plant!

I have taken several measures to remove some of the built up fluoride from my body and to help heal it, and I have made great improvements. (I will be discussing that in later posts.)  But one thing is for sure, I no longer drink, nor cook with ordinary tap water (well, except for at Dave's Farm because he is on natural well water). I still have concerns, though, about bathing in it and hope to remedy that, too.
I look forward to your comments and input. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. My husband calls it rat poison. Check the box of rat poison! We use plain old glycerine soup to brush our teeth and we have great teeth. Our well does not have fluoride ( was tested), and here in Canada the kids don't get drops or tablets. However dentist love to clean their teeth and then put this fluoride gel on it. I allow it once every two years. It is mind bogging what is in everything or how things are packaged these days.

  2. I make my own toothpast because of the ingredients and also because it started making blisters on my tongue. We have a well so no fluoride there but I do drink soda and tea....and I'm sure we get it in others area's to. :(
    Love this post!!

  3. simplicity, you are so right, it IS absolutely mind boggling what is in packaged products. I had a doctor once tell me that I needed too cook EVERYTHING from scratch, NEVER eat anything pre-packaged because there is stuff in there that ISN'T on the label(even though it is suppose to be). I am glad to hear someone else uses soap to brush with, too, with good results. A mild Castile-type (all-vegetable oils) soap works great, too. Even better, I add a sprinkle of diatomaceous earth over my toothbrush after I soap it down.
    I heard that about rat poison. I am going to have to look now. Thanks for the added info!

    Kim, thank you!! I am so glad to hear about so many other people making their own toothpaste. Those blisters sound terrible and must have been painful! My gums quit bleeding when I quit using commercial toothpaste. And yes, people that drink a lot of soda, gatorade-type beverages, and pre-made tea when it is hot, usually consume large amounts of it to rehydrate and get far more fluoride (and chlorine) than they realize.


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