Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Want Them All!!! ... or ... co-parenting

My tiniest cat decided that she wanted all the kittens from both litters!

She had climbed into the box with the other cat's younger kittens and coaxed her own to follow.

AMAZINGLY, neither cat got upset over the situation. They simply compromised.

My battery was dying when I took this pic, so it's kind of fuzzy. Batteries are in charger, and I will post a better one when I catch them together again. Some of the kittens are hiding up under the white cat as they nurse.  None of the kittens are picky...  they just nurse on which ever Momma they come to first.

Yep, going to have to get them a bigger box, because they won't all fit in that one much longer!


  1. Thats the good thing about cats. never a "bum kitten" Sheep on the other hand!!!!! Oh don't get me started. Hate having them in the kitchen, bottle feeding them, but gee, they are all so darn cute. Please don't box these kittens up here! A dairy can only handle so many.

  2. Hey, now that's an idea! They would LOVE to live on a dairy, lol.

    I have never experienced sheep, but they sound like they would be difficult to raise. I do love the meat, though, and was always afraid I would get attached to the cute things and wouldn't be able to eat them. I have thought about raising one,though for the wool, and learn how to spin my own yarn.


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